45+ Toe Jokes & Puns That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Funny toe drawing that makes you think of toe jokes and puns

There are a ton of funny toe jokes and toe puns out there, which surprised us. Putting together this list took way longer than we thought it would!

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  • Friend: I’ve been trying to find a way to keep myself alert at all times.
    Me: How about joining a ballet.
    Friend: Why a ballet?
    Me: It’s the only sport that will keep you on your toes throughout.
  • What did the toe say to the other toe after they parted ways?
    See you toe-morrow.
  • What’s the difference between a camera and a sock?
    A sock takes five toes.
  • What kind of shoes do frogs wear?
    Open toad sandals.
  • Cows have hooves instead of feet since they lactose.
  • My friend got tattoos on all his toes.
    He said they were his new tat-toes.
  • What was the toe’s favorite Pokemon?
  • What do you call a documentary on weird toes in the world?
    The Toe-Files.
  • The crazy lady was tip-toeing around the mental asylum.
    She was afraid of waking up the sleeping pills.
  • What did the toes say after they fell out of love?
    We should cherish the fun-gus we had.
  • The waitress dropped his food and stamped on it due to frustration.
    Even though the food wasn’t great, he still considered it as a toe-riffic meal experience.
  • My mother has a colleague from Spain with a rubber toe. Everytime he comes home, my father says, “Your friend Roberto is here to see you.”
  • The little toe never talked to the other toes and always did things on his own.
    He was in-toe-verted.
  • Which city do toes like to visit when they go to Japan?
  • What did the foot do after his car had broken down?
    He called a toe-truck.
  • Why do toes go to the doctor?
    To be heeled.
  • My vegetarian girlfriend hurt her foot while playing soccer.
    To cheer her up, I took her out for some toe-fu.
  • What type of chocolate do feet like?
  • What are toes’ favorite snacks?
  • The city’s best poet had some really long toes and feet.
    He was such a Longfellow.
  • What do you call a one-legged friend with no toes?
  • Professor Frequency usually stubs his toe on the furniture in class.
    Whenever he does it, he reacts by yelling, “Ouch, that Hertz.”
  • One of my friends broke her toe.
    I sent her my dearest con-toe-lenses.
  • Why wasn’t the cat drinking milk?
    She was lack-toes intolerant.
  • He gave us a long list of his best toe jokes.
    Most of them turned out to be toe-tally awful.
  • Why did the mother lock the refrigerator and hook the key on her toe?
    She wanted to try a key-toe diet.
  • Which is the easiest way to look at your toe?
    Through a photoe.
  • What’s the source of pain when you kick a rocket?
    Missile Toe.
  • What kind of spread do feet use for their toast?
    Toe jam.
  • Whenever someone begins to talk about their toenails, I humbly request them to change the toe-pic.
  • My friend is trying to develop a foot-controlled keyboard.
    Today he launched his first pro-toe-type.
  • I went to the doctor to have my bad toenail checked.
    She prescribed me huge amounts of toe-ma-toe ketchup.
  • What kind of bird of prey was the villainous toe using as a weapon against other toes?
    A Toe-ma-hawk.
  • What do you call a dinosaur with a sore foot and toe?
    An Ankylo-sore-us.
  • What type of vegetable do feet love?
  • Where do feet kiss during Christmas?
    Under the mistle-toe.
  • My younger brother thought his TGIF shoes were an instruction manual that meant Toes Get In First.
  • What is so fascinating about a breakfast table with a jug of milk on it?
    It has four legs and lacks toes.
  • What did the boy say after stubbing his toe on solid gold?
    “Au, Au, Au, it hurts”
  • What did the amateur say to the professional footballer after playing against each other?
    You have to help me. I toe-tally need the experience.
  • Someone was trying to pick up the popcorn she had dropped in the movie theater.
    I told her, “You have stretched your leg a little toe much in my way”
  • What’s a toe’s most disliked vegetable?
  • Why did the baby lose the toe-sucking competition?
    He only tasted defeat and nothing else.
  • Why did the elephants paint their toenails pink?
    To be able to hide in raspberry bushes.
  • What did the foot do after it started snowing?
    It went toe-bogganing.

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