25+ Moose Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

A silly moose that inspires people to think of moose puns and jokes

Funny moose puns and moose jokes are great, because these iconic animals are oddly hilarious. Despite their grumpy and dangerous nature (look it up if you don’t believe us), you can’t help but chuckle when you look at them!

This list of great moose puns and jokes will give you some go-to lines the next time you’re watching a nature documentary, or going for a hike in the wilderness.

  • When going on a long trip, how do moose pack their luggage? They rack it!
  • What kind of dessert do elk like to eat? Chocolate moose!
  • What cereal do moose eat regularly with their breakfast? Moose-li!
  • The Queen seemed rather annoyed when the court jester brought forth a moose to tell her a joke. Clearly, she was not a-moose-d.
  • How does a moose call for assistance when they get stuck? Elk me!
  • What is the best response to give when a moose tells you anything sad? Oh deer!
  • What do you get when you combine a caribou and a moose? A caboose!
  • How was the moose caught cheating on his math quiz? He was caught with a cow-culator!
  • What did the park ranger call the young boy moose snoring in the woods that he came across while hiking one of the park paths? A bull dozer!
  • I walked by the music hall on my way home tonight and they had put up a new show poster for a famous moose composer. They called the show Amadeus Moose-zart!
  • The moose running the forest gift shop put up a new sign, but realized that he had made an error in the spelling. He was so shocked that he trotted down the path shouting “I’ve made a huge moose-take!”
  • What do you call a moose with no name? Anony-moose!
  • What is the most commonly played game by moose during campouts? Truth or Deer!
  • What do moose like to do in their spare time? Visit the moose-eum.
  • What do you call a newspaper run by moose? The Daily Mooseings!
  • Why did the wolf not attack the moose when they encountered each other on the forest path? Because he was on a non-deer diet.
  • How did the moose respond when her elk friend ate her favorite chocolate lichen snack? How DEER you!
  • Where do moose send their young for lunch? To the calf-eteria!
  • What is as big as a house, flat as a board, yet weighs nothing at all? A moose’s shadow.
  • A moose went to the store to get some treats. When he entered, the shopkeeper asked him “why the long face?” The moose chuffed and left without saying a word.
  • What did the moose do when he missed his bus after work? He hoofed it all the way home.
  • I hope this Christmas is as eventful as last year. Grandad thought moose were falling out of the sky, but Grandma laughed and told him “No silly, it’s just a reindeer.” I laughed even harder and explained that it was just Santa coming in for a landing but one of the reindeer overshot the roof and hit the lawn. They both looked at me like I was crazy, then the front yard lit up red.
  • I was watching the news earlier and the wildest thing was happening live. A moose had come into town from the nearby woods and made off with a bunch of sacks of money on his antlers. The police were not sure what to do, but they gave it their best shot. It was a wild moose chase, let me tell you!
  • I was at the gym today when a woman brought two baby moose into the gym with her and began working out on the treadmill with a moose on each of the machines next to her.
    A staff member finally noticed after she was already in mid workout and came over to ask her what she was doing.
    “My fitness instructor told me I needed to exercise my calves more, so I brought them to the gym with me to walk on the treadmills,” explained the woman.
  • A Scottsman was visiting Canada after winning a trip in a contest. He checked in at his hotel, went to his room and went down to the restaurant to get some dinner. While he waited for his dinner to arrive, he looked out the window to take in the mountainous view. There was a moose walking along the treeline and he waved the server over.
    “What on earth is that,” he asked?
    “Oh, that’s just a small moose,” replied the server.
    “If that is a wee moose, you must have rats the size of a house,” exclaimed the Scotsman!

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These funny moose puns and moose jokes gave us a good laugh, and we bet they did the same for you as well! After all, there’s nothing more fun than chuckling at an animal that could clearly kill you if it wanted to.

We’d like to expand this list in the future, so let us know if you know any other good moose puns to add. We’ll add any of the ones we like!