43+ Monkey Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

A funny looking monkey

Funny monkey puns and monkey jokes have been told for ages, and they’re not going to stop being hilarious for quite a while. Not only do monkeys have a reputation for being silly, but their close relation to us humans makes it even better for finding some humor.

We had a blast putting this list of monkey puns and jokes together. Give it a read and pick out your favorites!

  • Which type of monkey is constantly feeling sick? The Gor-ill-as, of course.
  • How can you tell when a monkey is farting? The whole room smells like bananas.
  • Which type of monkey makes the best hang out buddy? A funkey!
  • Why do monkeys like hanging out in trees so much? Because when they spend too much time in the sun they end up with an orangu-tan.
  • Why do monkeys dislike card games so much? Because the jungle is full of cheetahs!
  • Which dance move does every monkey know by heart? The banana split.
  • What cartoon do monkeys love to watch? Curious George, of course!
  • What do you get when you cross a chip and a monkey? A chip-monk!
  • What is the word for a monkey that gets tied in knots while climbing through the tree branches? Orangutangle!
  • Where do monkeys congregate for social gatherings? At the Monkey Bars.
  • What do you call it when monkeys fall from the trees like rain from the sky? An ape-ril shower.
  • What do you call a monkey that knows how to barbecue a steak? A grilla!
  • What type of cookie do all monkeys enjoy eating? Chocolate chimp cookies!
  • What do you call a white monkey swinging through the jungle? A merengutan!
  • What brand of underwear do monkeys like to wear? Chimpanties!
  • Why are a gorilla’s nostrils so big? Because of the size of their fingers.
  • What is a monkey’s favorite tool to use on the job? A monkey wrench.
  • What accessory does a monkey chef never leave home without? Its ape-ron, of course.
  • Do you know the secret to opening a banana perfectly every time? You use a mon-key!
  • What is the nickname for a monkey that is unable to keep a secret to itself? A blab-boon.
  • How do monkeys share the local gossip with each other? They use the ape-vine.
  • Why do you never hear about bananas insulting monkeys? Because bananas can’t talk.
  • When monkeys need to get a new tail, where do they go to get it? A retail store!
  • Why does it not matter what you call a monkey that is wearing headphones? Because they can’t hear you anyway.
  • What do you get when a monkey crosses a minefield? A big babooom!
  • What is the best way to catch a monkey that has escaped the zoo? Act like a banana at the top of a tree.
  • Do you know what a monkey’s favorite flower is? A chimpansy!
  • How do you identify a flying monkey? It looks like a hot air baboon!
  • Why was the monkey so sad about losing its tail? Because it won’t be long now.
  • What keeps monkeys from carrying a pocket watch with them? They don’t wear clothes.
  • We lost the baseball tournament this weekend to a new team. I still can’t believe that their all-star player is a monkey. He’s a total chimpion!
  • What do you call a bunch of monkeys stuck in quicksand? Chimps and dip!
  • Why can you never have a fair fight with a monkey? Because they always use gorilla tactics!
  • Which month of the year is the favorite for all monkeys? Ape-ril.
  • What brand of soap do monkeys use in the shower? Chimp-oo!
  • What made King Kong decide to climb the Empire State Building? He found out the elevator was out of service.
  • How does a monkey replace a lost tail? It goes to a retail store.
  • What is the preferred computer brand of all monkeys? Ape-le personal computers.
  • How do monkey parents refer to their children when they are proud of them? They call them a chimp off the ol’ block.
  • How did the monkey end up failing its science exam? It didn’t have enough ape-titude to complete it.
  • I heard a strange factoid today that still has me baffled. Apparently, humans consume more bananas than monkeys. Who the heck is eating monkeys?
  • I saw a very upset monkey at the zoo today. He was nicknamed Furious George.
  • If monkeys shared an online shopping account, what would they be called? Prime mates.

What Did You Think?

We’d love to hear which of these funny monkey jokes and monkey puns made you laugh the hardest. Like we said, there’s something about these animals that’s perfect for comedy!

Also, don’t hold out if you know any other puns or jokes we should share. Submit your favorites and we’ll add the ones we like!