41 Funny Lobster Puns & Jokes That You Need To Sea

A funny lobster waving hello

Lobsters have always been kind of a silly animal. You see them staring back at you from the tanks in restaurants, and their funky eyes can always bring a little smile to your face.

That’s why we had such a good time putting together this list of funny lobster puns and lobster jokes. It’s so easy to have a distinct image in your mind when you read them!

We’ve been looking for excuses to bring these puns and jokes up at dinner for days now, and you’ll probably end up doing the same.


1. During the games in tennis, he had a top performance. The coaching team referred him to a lob-star.

2. The lobster had the sea painted very attractive. The others commented that it looked lobstacular.

3. The sea creature had microscopic eyes. The rest of the animals called it crust-asian.

4. The other sea animals were compromising. Therefore, the lobster crabbed the tool and was ready to attack.

5. Lobsters are picky when it comes to their eating habits. Most of them are sailective eaters.

6. A lobster was called by the crab through the phone. When he picked up the phone he answered with “shello”.

7. The lobster did not go to work because it had experienced a mussel pull in the leg.

8. The lobster greeted the rest of the sea creatures but did not get a response. Fortunately, the sea was nice enough to wave back at him.

9. The salmon was asked to tell who his cod-father was by the lobster.

10. It was a sea-n for the blue lobsters killing the red lobsters for no reason.

11. What made the lobster very rich? Because it invested more in shelling in resources.

12. A bachelor lobster was in deep thought and decided to get married. One of the lobsters asked him if he was shore about the decision he was going to make.

13. The lobster teacher was amused with the speech made by one of the students. The speech seemed quite crabtivating.

14. The lobster was very gigantic, it was truly one shell of a creature.

15. A lobster could not sea others when they were playing a game of hide and seek.

16. During the wedding, a lobster sang a very nice song to the new wife. The wife said that was shrimply the best for herself.

17. The lobster kicked off his vows during the wedding by saying that she was his butter half.

18. A sick lobster was advised by the health officer to consume food that was rich in vitamin-sea.

19. The best shot in tennis for any lobster is usually the lob.

20. The lobster made a party to show gratitude but it ended up as a turtle calamity.

21. To excel in a math test, the lobster hid some algae-bra on his feet.

22. The lobsters use the first-come, first surf basis to deliver the movie tickets to customers.

23. Many people are excited to work at the Red Lobster. This has enabled them to surrender their shells.

24. The lobster in therapy began the long process of reframing his tidal view on life.

25. Lobsters are very kind and usually share everything with other sea creatures. You could say that they’re quite shellfless.

26. Lobsters tend to be quite sandguine when it comes to their personality.

27. The lobster was called shellfish by the clam. He was not sharing her pearl.

28. Why did the lobster never help anyone out? He was rather shellfish.

29. Neither the red lobsters nor the blue lobsters share food. Both species are biased and shellfish.

30. A lobster witnesses a crime happen right in front of him. His bravery enabled him to crab the cell phone and report it to the police.

31. What’s the difference between a battling lobster and a cart lobster? The later farts into the hay while the other darts in the fray.

32. What is the disparity between a piano, glue, and a tuna? One can tuna piano, but cannot piano a tuna.

33. People thought the lobster was becoming cray-sea when he was about to enter very hot water.

34. Lobsters spend a lot of time at the C.  This prevents them from learning and reciting the alphabet quickly.

35. The lobster failed to maintain confidence because of the sea weed.

36. The crabs and lobsters ensure their clothes are dry. They make a claw-set for keeping clothes outside the sea.

37. The lobsters were on the shallow end of the water relaxing. They never wanted the sea to wave for them.

38. All the lobsters were so happy during the autumn sea-son.

39. Generally, lobsters tend to be hipsters. This is because a large number of them are not connected to the main stream.

40. The lobsters went out for a party. The young lobster followed them due to pier-pressure.

41. A lobster tail was being sold for five dollars in the foreign fish market sector by the sellers. They were paid the five dollars and started to say that “A long time ago, in a very isolated sea, there existed a lobster…”

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