50+ Butter Puns & Jokes For You To Spread Around

Butter on the table while people tell puns and jokes about it

Butter puns and butter jokes are perfect for almost any occasion. As long as you’re sitting down with someone to have a meal, it’s easy to find a chance to bring these up!

This list of puns and jokes about butter made us laugh repeatedly, and we think they’ll do the same for you. Give them a skim and have fun!

  • If we did away with all the spreads and margarine, the world would be a butter place.
  • Some children threw cheese, milk, and butter at me the other day.
    I thought, “How dairy.”
    They proceeded to throw some more mild cheese.
    I thought, “That’s not very mature.”
  • What did the slice of bread say to the other pieces after seeing jam and butter on the table?
    We’re toast.
  • Why did the butter refuse to be featured in the movie?
    Because it hated the roll it was being offered.
  • He always tells jokes about fake butter.
    They’re margarinally funny.
  • Why did the lady throw everything in her fridge out of the window?
    She wanted to see the butter fly.
  • What did he churn to make forgetful butter?
    Milk of amnesia.
  • My friend wanted to tell me a rumor about some butter on a piece of toast, but he was afraid I might spread it.
  • My friend invented alphabet butter.
    Now, all she needs to do is spread the word.
  • Why did he place peanut butter on the road?
    It went with the traffic jam.
  • My mom usually butters her skillet before making pancakes because it cooks batter.
  • Which category was the famous movie about butter placed in?
  • My friend told me a joke about butter that was so long.
    I was thinking about shortening it.
  • What did the ghosts use as spread on their toast?
  • Why is it so hard to make butter?
    Because it takes e-churn-ity.
  • My dad injured himself while making butter in the garden.
    It was an unfortunate churn of events.
  • Why did they place butter knives on their bow ties?
    They wanted to look sharp.
  • The Mandalorian was churning butter.
    He kept saying, “this is the whey.” 
  • Our local florist is not into butter.
    They are not Interflora, either.
  • Why did the bishop place butter on his Bible?
    He wanted to spread the word.
  • Two friends were drinking beer in a pub.
    Friend1: I was cast in a play called breakfast in bed once.
    Friend2: Did they give you a big role?
    Friend1: No, just some toast with a bit of butter.
  • When choosing between salted and unsalted butter, there is no margarine for error.
  • The slice of bread and butter were talking while basking in the sun.
    Bread: You’re my butter half.
    Butter: You bread my mind.
  • My friend used to make jokes about people with butter fingers.
    She stopped because they couldn’t handle it.
  • I tried to tell my girlfriend to stop impersonating butter.
    She couldn’t, though. She was on a roll.
  • Why did the butterfly refuse to go to the dance?
    Because it was a moth ball.
  • Why isn’t butter made right away?
    Because it has to wait for its churn.
  • The peanut butter was trying to show affection to the bread.
    It said, “I’m only nuts for you.” 
  • A girl was playing in the backyard when her mother spotted her killing a butterfly.
    To teach her a lesson, the mother told her, “Just for that, there won’t be any butter for you for a month.”
    The next day, the daughter killed a cockroach in the kitchen.
    “Nice try,” said the mother.
  • What did the peanut butter say when he proposed to the toast?
    We are butter together.
  • The butter knives at the retail store were selling like hotcakes.
    They were getting more and more widespread.
  • He doesn’t like when people try to butter him up.
    He likes jam more.
  • What did the slab of butter say after finally reaching the classroom?
    Butter late than never.
  • The thieves attacked the butter’s house last night.
    He yelled, “You butter back off.” 
  • The butter in our local store always runs out because butter flies.
  • She did not like the butter joke he cracked because she was salty about it.
  • How do you get a raise in a spreads factory?
    You butter up your manager.
  • Why was the peanut butter always broke?
    Because he worked for peanuts.
  • Which fish tastes good with peanut butter?
  • What did the peanut butter say after hearing the sweet song?
    That’s my jam.
  • My friend had a butter joke, but it slipped her mind.
  • The girlfriend insisted on pouring flour into the melted butter.
    Her boyfriend told her, “You will roux the day.”
  • My wife yelled, “Are you nuts?” when she saw me stealing peanut butter from the fridge the other night.
  • What’s a shark’s favorite kind of sandwich?
    Peanut butter and jellyfish.
  • Where did the Soviets make butter?

Did These Churn Up Some Laughter?

We hope you had a great time reading these funny butter puns and butter jokes. While the topic is simple, there’s a lot of great humor in these!

Also, let us know if you’re sitting on any other good ones that we should add to the list. We look over all submissions that we receive from our readers, so whatever you send over could get included!