27 Funny Salt Puns & Jokes To Use At Your Next Meal

Salt being poured after a funny pun

Salt puns and jokes are a deceptively fun trick to bring to the dinner table. If you’re looking for something to chat about (or a little cheesy icebreaker), these can be quite handy!

In fact, once we started putting this list of funny salt puns and jokes together we just couldn’t stop! These are surprisingly entertaining, and you should never let anyone roll their eyes at you for using them.

That would just add in salt to injury.

We hope you enjoy this list of salt jokes and salt puns. We spent a lot of time putting them together and had a blast doing it!

  • I thought about making a joke about salt. Then I thought Na, that doesn’t sound fun. 
  • Did you know you had a dangerous weapon on your dinner table? It’s called an a-salt rifle.
  • Did you hear that the chlorine molecule was hit by the sodium molecule? The police are calling it a-salt.
  • Take life with a grain of salt, but also with some tequila and a lime.
  • My ex-girlfriend got dumped by her new fling, but I promise I didn’t rub salt in the wound. That would just add in salt to injury.
  • Why do whales only swim in salt water? Pepper water makes them sneeze
  • Why did the condiment go to the doctor? He tore his NACL.
  • I inherited hypertension from my father. He always was taking everything with a grain of salt. 
  • I was worried I couldn’t wear that dress because it made me look like a salt shaker. However, my mother told me to take it as a condiment.
  • I just thought that it was sodium funny when you said that salt pun at dinner.
  • Sea salt always has the best vision.
  • What do British fish drink? Salt-Tea.
  • If you want to exterminate snails in your yard, your best bet is with an a-salt rifle.
  • What do you call a war hero coated in salt? A seasoned veteran.
  • The pony had to gargle salt water this morning because he’s feeling a little horse.
  • The doctor told me to rub my entire body with salt to fix my condition. Now I’m cured.
  • I took the recent ice storm warnings with a grain of salt.
  • What do you call it when salt says hello to rosemary? Seasons greetings
  • What’s a chemist’s favorite kind of chips? Sodium chloride and acetic acid.
  • Ugh, she always makes me so bad and raises my boiling point to the top. She’s like a salt. 
  • What did the salt say to the rest of the spices in the spice drawer? Quit pinching me!
  • I threw a packet of salt at my friend in the restaurant and they said “That’s a-salt”.
  • Don’t open the email you receive with the subject of “Pork, Salt, and Fat”. It’s spam.
  • Salt free spaghetti was sent to jail for being an impasta.
  • What food can help you improve your intelligence? Salt, because it’s a MINED food. 
  • Why was Batman feeling salty after his mission? Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman! 

Season Your Friends With These!

Now that you have a lengthy list of funny salt jokes and puns at your disposal, it’s time to season your friends with them whenever you have a meal together!

Due to the topic, there will be plenty of opportunities to use these puns. Don’t you dare waste them.

As a salt lord, you have a responsibility to add a pinch of these to the conversation every once in a while. We didn’t make the rules (you looked these up in the first place remember?).

We hope you enjoyed them and we would love to hear from you if you have any more that you’d like us to add to the list. Just send over a message with your suggested salt pun or joke, and if it’s good we’ll make sure to include it!