39 Bridge Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

A funny looking bridge that makes people think of related puns and jokes

There are so many great puns and jokes about bridges that we think it might be the most overlooked humor topic out there!

That makes it even more satisfying when you randomly bring up a funny bridge pun that your friends didn’t see coming. It’s perfect for getting a chuckle during a long road trip!

This list of clever bridge puns and jokes will have you laughing all the way to your destination.

  • Repeat and Pete were going around on a bridge when Pete ran away. So who was left? Repeat!
  • I banged my big head on the low bridge. Would’ve been alright if viaduct. 
  • Ever watched documentaries on how Golden Gate Bridge was built? It’s riveting.
  • For all bridge enthusiasts, I think my ex was a bottom reinforced bridge having a track moving down the mid. Cantilever alone with nobody running a moving on her.
  • Is there no bridge that is titled after Chuck Norris? No one can cross chuck Norris. 
  • I just love staring at Brooklyn Bridge. It’s the most favorite thing on the cable.
  • When on the Brooklyn Bride, it’s so difficult to keep the best head on your shoulders. Every time I’m there I feel like I’m very much grounded.
  • I’ve always hated broken bridges. I cannot get over it.
  • A close pal of mine purchased several London Bridge trousers. All of them keep on falling down.
  • While in Belleville, ON, for high school, a young artist spray-painted a lovely picture on a huge concrete wall below a bridge but the Moira River. She did not get the permission to do it, but the city painted over it eventually. Seeing her painting just go like that must have been demuralizing. 
  • I really liked the documentary about bridge creating till it began to use examples of the foreign countries. It is really a bridge very far from me.
  • Love to watch on the internet about rivers running below bridges? I was earlier watching a live stream. 
  • The frog jumping off the bridge, what was it doing? Kermitting suicide.
  • If you create the Golden Gate Bridge smaller, is it abridged now?
  • Tried to read a book on a castle with drawbridge up, however, I could not get in it. 
  • Who is that polite man that builds bridges? Civil engineer.
  • ho are those people who were injured in Australia in the bridge collapse? It was those who were down under.
  • It actually takes a toll to drive through the Golden Gate bridge that’s why I don’t love it.
  • After telling my dad, I felt a deep sense of foreboding every time we drove on the bridge through the canal; he said it is because it is for boating. 
  • After the bridge collapsed what did the engineer say to it? I really trussed you!
  • There were this individuals who were building a new bridge close to me and each lunch break they would sit and take their afternoon tea and finish with napkins and tablecloth… it was incredibly civil engineering.
  • I think you’ve heard of the San Francisco big storms. Now all water is under the bridge.
  • I’ve actually mist the views of Golden Gate bridge
  • In a beautiful place like Middle Earth how can you troll a bridge? You can use J.R.R. tokens
  • I think you’ve heard that a convoluted metaphor regarding the poorly built bridges? It’s really hard to get across
  • I threw the boomerang when I got to the other side as I was walking across the bridge, and it didn’t come back. So while walking back through the bridge I questioned myself why it never come back. Then suddenly, it hit me.
  • Have you ever seen the bridge of Golden Gate in the fog? It really looks very mist-ical!
  • Which language is spoken by the bridge? Spanish.
  • Which reason is behind trolls no longer living under bridges, but living above them instead? Because they get the best signal.
  • I was thinking of the bridge of Golden Gate for quite some time and I don’t like her any longer, but I cantilever.
  • Have you ever heard of the stickup on the ridge? It was thrown up there by a kid.
  • I was reading a new book about bridge design. Archie Tek wrote it.
  • The little moron and the huge moron are actually on the bridge. The huge one fell off. Why didn’t the little one fall off? Its because he was probably a little “more on”
  • A pal wants to really cure the troll fears but not yet. He will actually cross the bridge the time he comes to it.
  • Creating an even relationship is like creating an even bridge. It takes too much truss
  • I really tried taking a picture of Golden Gate bridge in fog but I actually mist 
  • An architect really designed a bridge though he created a huge mistake. He could not get through it.
  • Some body I knew jumped the bridge off in Cairo. He was really in denial.
  • One can truss that they will never get a bridge that is lovelier than Golden Gate.

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