43 Funny Fan Puns & Jokes That Will Leave You Spinning

Fan in a room where people are telling fan puns and jokes

Fan puns and fan jokes are absolute classics. You probably already know a few of them!

But we went further and scoured the internet to find the funniest and best ones around. Give this list a read and let us know what you think!


  • If my ceiling fan could hold all my weight, I wouldn’t spend so much time online.
  • I want my fans to obey the rules. That’s why I only buy inline fans.
  • I don’t like to touch the walls or floor in my house. That’s because I’m a ceiling fan.
  • I brought my parents to see the world’s biggest fan. It really blew them away.
  • I love all ceiling fans. I can’t help but look up to them.
  • What happens to a turbine if there’s no wind? Bring a bigger fan in.
  • I love my old ceiling fan. He might not be the best, but he’s really up there.
  • I’m afraid my ceiling fan’s going to crush me. He’s always hanging over my head.
  • I hate wood floors. But who am I to judge, I’m a big ceiling fan.
  • Have you heard of renewable energy? I’m a big fan.
  • I’m not a fan of clothing stores. When you’ve been to one, you’ve seen the mall. 
  • I recently went to a freezing-cold football game. It must have been all the fans there.
  • My new third-floor apartment has ceiling fans. Now, I have fans in high places.
  • One wind turbine asked the other, “Do you like music?” He replied, “I’m a big heavy metal fan.”
  • I don’t want to hear any more ceiling fan puns. They just keep spinning in circles.
  • It was hard to hang my new ceiling fan today, and I’m sure I screwed it up.
  • I like to stand in the corner and blow air on people. No one really likes it, but I’m a big fan.
  • What did the AC unit tell the homeowner? I’m really not your biggest fan.
  • Where do ceiling fans hang out on the weekend? Fan clubs.
  • The fan at work is really starting to annoy me. He keeps taking the pictures right off my desk.
  • What military branch does a fan have to join? The infantry.
  • Do you know the story of how fans were invented? It always blows me away.
  • My friend who worked on a farm sucks the air out of every room he’s in. I guess you could call him an ex-tractor fan. 
  • Did you hear about the man who watched every one of Bruce Willis’s movies? He’s a Die Hard fan.
  • Why do so many people love wind turbines? They have a huge fan base.
  • Do you know how they keep the state of Florida so cool? All the Miami Heat fans.
  • Puns about air conditioning? I’m not a fan.
  • I love one-liners. That’s why I’m a fan of the monorail.
  • Did you see the ceiling fan? What was he saying? “Go, ceiling! You’re #1!”
  • I bought a ceiling fan, but it was an absolute waste of money. All he does is stand around and say how much he loves it.
  • Did you hear the joke about the ceiling fan? It sure left me hanging.
  • I’m a huge fan of whiteboards. Don’t you think they’re re-markable?
  • My Uncle builds ceiling fans. He says the job is fantastic.
  • How do basketball players cool down during a game? They stand by all their fans.
  • I started to get chilly, so I turned off the fan. Then everyone in the helicopter started screaming.
  • If my ceiling fan could carry me, I would never be bored again.
  • I’m actually not a fan of the lemon preserve. It’s just a curd to me.
  • What made the baseball stadium so hot? All the fans left.
  • What should you say to a dead metal fan? Rust in peace.
  • What do most celebrities have that we don’t? A lot of fans.
  • Q: I’m an athlete! I have so many fans. A: Is that why you never sweat on the field?
  • Q: Are you a famous skeleton? A: Yes, I have a skele-TON of fans!

Did These Blow You Away?

Hopefully this list of funny fan puns and fan jokes brought a smile to your face. We had a fantastic time putting this list together, and will probably continue adding to it over the years.

If you want to help us with that, send us any fan puns or jokes that you know! We’ll include any that we like.