The Best List Of Axe Puns Online

An axe ready to be used for pun inspiration

Axe puns are something you don’t think about every day, but boy are they good!

If you’re an outdoorsy person or go on a lot of camping trips, having these axe puns in your arsenal can be the perfect tool to drive everyone else crazy.

After all, every group needs someone to boost morale when you’re exploring and taming the land.

While we kept our list of axe puns brief and focused, you can easily branch (heh) out to other topics like handles or hatchets. 

  • How can you tell a lumberjack is from another part of the world? They have a noticeable axe-ccent
  • What do you call a Lumberjack’s error? An Axe-ident
  • Has the lumberjack recovered from his injury yet? Yes, he’s back in axe-tion!
  • Did you hear about the lumberjack who helps folks? He does random axe of kindness
  • Do you hear about the lumberjack who loses his job today?  His manager just gives him the axe!
  • Can I axe you a question?
  • I come home and found an axe stuck in my laptop. It mush have been hacked by someone!
  • You did an axe-ellent job cutting down that tree!
  • Why did the hen lay on her egg? She wanted to hatchet
  • Thanks for starting the fire. I appreciate your random axe of kindness!
  • You should axe yourself whether it’s really necessary to chop down that tree next to the woodshed.
  • I’m sorry man I think I broke your axe head… Hope you can handle fixing it

Time To Put These Axe Puns To Work!

We’ll admit it, this list of axe puns is pretty short. We tried to stay on track, and there just aren’t that many to choose from!

But what’s on the list is stellar.

Keep these in mind the next time you’re splitting some wood or setting up camp. It pays to be prepared.