57 Funny Oyster Puns & Jokes That You Need To See

Funny oysters on a plate

Oyster puns and oyster jokes are always a favorite and consistently get laughs no matter where you are. There’s something about oysters that is just silly!

Take a look through this list of funny oyster puns and jokes and pick the ones you like. We promise you won’t have trouble finding an opportunity to use them.

  • What did the oyster send to the lobster?
    A Shellfie.
  • Despite being in the restaurant industry for decades, the job I was offered was preparing oysters.
    That really shucks.
  • What did the oyster do after breakdancing on the dance floor?
    He pulled a mussel.
  • What did the oyster do after witnessing a mafia killing?
    He clammed up.
  • I went to the local Shell station yesterday.
    I was really surprised when they rejected my Oyster card.
  • What do you call an oyster with an evil plan?
    A ployster.
  • Why don’t Oysters donate to charity?
    Because they are shellfish.
  • What do mollusks do after losing their luggage?
    They go to the clams department.
  • The oyster loved his wife dearly.
    She was his sea-gnificant other.
  • What game do oysters love to play most?
    Hide and sea-k.
  • I was really saddened by his departure.
    Goodb-oys are always hard for me.
  • There is no need to always b-oysting about your accomplishments.
  • The pope provided food to the homeless in the country.
    He showcased a shell-fless act.
  • As the Bible always says,
    Seek, and you shell find.
  • When choosing friends, shellfish tend to be really shell-ow.
  • What is a funny oyster called?
    A clamedian.
  • I was searching for my pet oyster the other day and couldn’t find him.
    I guess he must’ve been using clamouflage.
  • Who was protecting the bank?
    The shuck-urity guards.
  • What do you call an imposter pretending to be something else?
    An imp-oyster.
  • Nowadays, oysters seem to have progressed with their method of communication.
    They are using shell phones now.
  • Where do oysters go when they want to borrow money?
    To the prawn broker.
  • I used to have a really shy oyster, but one day she came out of her shell.
  • What did the captain tell the crew on deck?
    H-oyst the sails.
  • I was invited to a party by my friend.
    The h-oyst was very friendly.
  • What did the oysters do during the birthday party?
    They shellabrated.
  • What did the oyster wear as he was deployed to war?
    A shell-met.
  • How did the oyster answer her cell phone?
  • Why don’t oysters love to be cooked?
    It affects their shellfish steam.
  • The oyster became paralyzed after the traumatic event.
    He was shell shocked.
  • What do oysters do when they run out of gas?
    They go to a Shell station.
  • I told my friend to accompany me to the mall.
    She said she’s got oyster matters to take care of.
  • The examiner did not remove his gaze from us during the whole exam.
    He had his oys on us.
  • The shellfish dropped deep into the ocean.
    She was pretty m-oyst.
  • Obi-Wan was really disappointed when Anakin turned to the dark side.
    He believed he was the spe-shell one.
  • There is nothing more shell-arious than snail puns.
  • The oyster was never going to reveal his sea-cret.
  • What’s the hardest thing for an oyster friend?
    Trying to get them out of their shell.
  • What was the oyster’s preferred band?
    Pearl Jam.
  • He blocked the path for students, making them late for class.
    Sea-niors are always the worst.
  • The teacher was really concerned about the student’s grades.
    She told him he had to stop living in a fanta-sea.
  • The snowstorm had left us stranded in the middle of nowhere.
    We had to m-oyster our strength to survive.
  • Comic book movies are all about oyster eggs these days.
  • The retailer decided to put all her promotions on a p-oyster.
  • She always believed she was going to be shuk-essful.
  • Some leaders never add value to the country.
    All they do is sleep and argue pearl-iament.
  • There were some oysters that were tucked away.
    They were shuck-luded.
  • What happened to the oyster after he stole the pearls?
    He was pro-shuck-uted.
  • They had all the goods cl-oyster-ed together.
  • Why was the oyster flying?
    Someone had shucked it.
  • Since I was admitted to the hospital, I’ve become prone to sea-zures.
  • The police conducted a huge operation last week.
    They sea-zed a lot of drugs.
  • What do you use for dry skin?
    A m-oyster-izer.
  • Every gift he bought for his kids he got from the t-oyster.
  • He failed to carry some crucial documents with him and couldn’t reg-oyster for the event.
  • The performance of the team was lackl-oyster
  • She admin-oysters the oyster farm
  • Installing an electronic payment system was the c-oyster-effective option.

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