The Ultimate List Of Gold Puns (New Update)

A bunch of bars with gold puns printed on them

Finding solid gold puns is actually quite tricky. They aren’t as versatile as some of the other pun topics out there.

But the puns that do exist are solid, well, gold.

We hope you enjoy this funny list of puns about gold. They’re a great go-to if you’re talking about money, and most people won’t see them coming.


  • What do you call a dinosaur without gold? A dinosr
  • I highly discourage you from ever dating a prospector. They’re really all just gold diggers.
  • You want me to give you my money?! Don’t gold your breath!
  • Should I turn my toothbrush into gold? I midas well.
  • It will be a gold day in hell if the mine ever shuts down.
  • If you discover gold in Australia, where should you go searching for silver? Agstralia
  • What did gold say when it ran into the periodic table? Ay you!
  • What happens if you laugh at a joke without any gold in it? You lgh at it.
  • I really regret eating all that gold-covered food. I have internalized gilt.
  • A man was on trial for trying to sell fake bars of gold. The jury found him gilt-y.
  • So I was working in a mine out west when one of my partners found gold. I said Au, bring that over here!
  • The billionaire pledged to donate all of his money. It was definitely a gold move
  • Oh trust me, my puns are Ausome. Pure gold!
  • The miners got together and talked for gold times’ sake.
  • Why is the wind blowing gold everywhere? Because it’s August.
  • Not everything that glitters is gold. One example would be glitter.
  • Great thanks a bullion!
  • One day gold got kicked out of the periodic table of elements. When he said goodbye the other elements said, “Au revoir”
  • Can you believe that the two largest gold mines collapsed in the same day? I guess great mines think alike.
  • When I was digging for gold I banged my knee on a rock. Fortunately, it was only a miner injury.
  • Have you ever tasted pure gold? I have, and it’s actually rather crunchy. Probably because it’s made of 24 carrots.
  • Which one do you like more, gold or silver? Meh, either ore.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of gold puns we put together. We kept it tidy, focused, and full of fun.

If you have any more puns about gold that you’d like us to add to the list, just send them over. We’re always on the lookout for more groan-worthy stuff!