18 Funny Lake Puns & Jokes That’ll Actually Make You Laugh

A pretty lake

Funny lake puns and lake jokes are perfect for any occasion. You can bring them up if you’re out having a nice time on the water in summer, or even if you’re just passing a lake in the car.

These puns made us laugh more than we thought they would. Give them a read to see which ones you like!

  • What lake would you find a ghost in? Lake Erie.
  • On a frozen lake, why not make jokes? It might crack. 
  • My phone is syncing since I dropped it in the lake. 
  • My friend owned a house with a lake in the back. Every day the lake would be filled up with ducks. He decided to move because he was tired of all the bills. 
  • Someone shouted, “How do you get to the other side?” while standing on the lake’s edge. I let them know they were on the other side already. 
  • A sturgeon carries out lake operations. 
  • Have you ever seen the ballet, Frog Lake? It was better than Swan Lake. Do you know why? It had more jumping. 
  • Lake Superior used to make me think it was pretty arrogant. However, if you stop and think about it, each of the Great Lakes is completely full of itself.
  • Three bears have barged into more than 30 homes in Lake Tahoe, and authorities are looking for them.The bears may be in the goldilocks zone, according to current leads.
  • The photographer threw their tripod into the lake for what reason? They were unable to bear it any longer because one of the legs was loose.
  • Why did Sam fall into the lake? Well, he’s a hipster, as they say. So he decided to go ice skating before it was cool. 
  • My father taught me to swim by rowing me to the middle of the lake and throwing me overboard. Once I got out of the bag, it was pretty easy!
  • Emily fell into the lake and drowned last week. She should have learned to swim sooner. At her funeral, we brought a life jacket with us. She would have wanted it that way.
  • Girl, you must be a structure that causes an artificial lake to form, because dam. 
  • A player of Pokemon Go enters a bar. Also, a tree.And a barrier.Into a lake, too.
  • “I am so excited to be here,” said Minnow. “Hey Minnow, avoid being influenced by the pier’s pressure,” said Tidbit. Minnow replied, “Thanks Tidbit, I’ll spend some time at the lake instead.”
  • You have the Pope, Jesus, and Chuck Norris sitting in the middle of a lake on a boat. They discussed getting to the shore and decided that was the best option. Once they get to shore, Jesus is the first to get off the boat and walk towards the shore line. Chuck Norris decides to follow Jesus and gets off second. The Pope is the third to take a step off the boat into the water. The Pope immediately falls in and is forced to swim to shore. When the Pope finally makes it to the shore line out of breath, he asks Jesus and Chuck Norris, “How did you walk on the water?” Jesus said, “Oh shoot, I forgot to tell you to walk on the rocks.” Chuck Norris replied, “There were rocks?”
  • A man with a persistent secret could no longer keep it. He admitted in the confessional that he had been stealing building supplies from the lumberyard where he worked for years. What did you purchase? His priest inquired.sufficient for my son’s house and my own construction.as well as houses for our two daughters and a lakeside cottage. The priest said, “This is very serious. “I’ll have to come up with a substantial restitution. Have you ever participated in a retreat? The man responded, “No, Father, I have not. However, I can acquire the lumber if you can obtain the plans. “My wife always talks about how beautiful lakes are. One day, she said, “Honey, look at that beautiful lake.” I responded, “Oh wow! Just like you babe!” She replied, “That’s so sweet honey, you think I’m beautiful!” I replied, “No, just huge and cold. “Let’s just say, I didn’t make it out of the lake dry.

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We hope these funny lake puns and lake jokes made you laugh. They were a bunch of fun for us to gather, and we plan on adding more in the near future.

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