29 Funny Rainbow Puns & Jokes That Might Surprise You

A rainbow inspiring people to think of rainbow puns and jokes

A rainbow is one of the iconic and awe-inspiring sights out there. So it’s only natural that people have come up with tons of funny rainbow puns and rainbow jokes as well!

If you’re looking to bring a little well-timed humor to your next rainbow sighting, check out this list. These rainbow puns and jokes will definitely make you chuckle.

  • How do you gift wrap the sky? You tie it with a rainbow.
  • Why are rainbows so rarely seen in the evening? Because they only come out once in a blue moon.
  • If a rainbow wore any kind of clothes, what would it be? Thunder pants.
  • What is the weakest color in the rainbow known as? It’s known as the weakest pink!
  • When asked what its favorite color was in a rainbow, the cat replied, “purrrrrrple.”
  • The story about a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow has become such a drag these days. Turns out it was just a story being told by a lepre-con artist to trick us.
  • What do you call a person performing magic tricks while wearing a rainbow-colored robe? Hue-dini!
  • I thought I saw a triple rainbow on my drive today, but when I looked again there was nothing there. I guess it was just a pigment of my imagination.
  • How did the pirate become stuck between the red and blue islands? He was marooned!
  • Why was the rainbow so quiet at the birthday party? Because it had the blues.
  • What do you call a rainbow that doesn’t appear during a rain storm where the sun is shining? A refrainbow.
  • How do you punish a naughty rainbow? You send it to Prism.
  • I used to see rainbow tie-dye shirts everywhere, but now I hardly ever see them. Is it a dying art or something?
  • During the international weather system convention, the rainbow decided to make a speech about the bright side of storms. A heckler from the crowd, clearly unimpressed, shouted “look, hue’s talking!”
  • I tried to paint a beautiful landscape picture once, but it turned into another rainbow. I guess I colored between the lines too much.
  • Why are good friends like rainbows? Because they always show their true colors.
  • How do you mark assignments in a class full of rainbows? With a gradient!
  • The front desk clerk at my hotel offered me a choice of rooms when I checked in the other night. The choices were between black, white, or rainbow rooms. I chose the rainbow room because it came with a better hue.
  • Why is it so hard to weigh a rainbow? Because they are too light.
  • It was clear that Green was not excited about being drafted for yet another rainbow job due to having been in so many before. I think it’s becoming very jaded towards the whole thing.
  • What did blue say to its purple teammate during a race to the end of the rainbow? Put a mauve on it already!
  • A monochrome and a rainbow walk into a room full of clouds and the rainbow freezes.
    “What’s wrong,” one of the clouds asks the rainbow?
    “It’s my arch nemesis,” replies the rainbow.
  • Some say that rainbows form when raindrops are cooled quickly, forming a light fog in the air that catches the sun. It’s quite a mist-conception really, one that clearly needs de-mist-ifying.
  • Today’s special on the menu is a rainbow. I guess the cook is trying to get everyone to eat light.
  • At first, the rainbow was ecstatic about the pot of gold appearing again, but then it remembered the leprechaun and sighed.
    “What’s wrong,” asked the pot of gold?
    “You are going to be the end of me,” replied the rainbow.
  • During his flight exam, the pilot flew through a rainbow while doing an impromptu barrel roll. The instructor must not have minded the stunt because they passed him with flying colors.
  • I was pulled over for speeding the other day and randomly decided to start singing the rainbow song to the police officer. They must not have been amused as they arrested me for colorful language.
  • I was having a discussion about the colors of a rainbow with a friend the other day and we got into a bit of an argument about the best color. I told them that it had to be red, to which they asked why?
    “It’s simple, red is one in a vermillion!”

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Hopefully you had a great time reading these rainbow puns and rainbow jokes. Some of these are silly, and others are surprisingly clever.

But they’re all a hoot.

If you know any others that we failed to include, send them our way. If we like them, we’ll make an addition to the list above!