37 Great Moon Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

The moon which makes people think of funny puns and jokes about it

As you can imagine, there are a bunch of funny moon puns and moon jokes. It’s something we all know, and it also happens to be a spicy action involving your pants heading south!

Check out this list of great moon puns and jokes. We’ve been repeating these to our friends for weeks now (it’s becoming a bit of a problem actually).

  • Why is it so rare to see a lunar eclipse? Because they only come around once in a blue moon.
  • What is an astronaut’s favorite day of the week? Moon-days.
  • Which object is just as old as Earth, but never older than a month? The moon!
  • How do you store supplies for a colony on the moon? In crate-rs.
  • What is the name of the institution that teaches lunar science? Moon-iversity.
  • How does an astronaut make use of a lemon in space? They make le-moon-ade out of it.
  • If astronauts use moon bread for toast in space, what do they use for toppings on it? Space Jam!
  • Why did the moon turn down the second course of the meal during the galactic dinner party? Because it was already full.
  • How does a hairdresser cut the moon’s hair? She eclipse it!
  • Why was Mickey Mouse sent into outer space? To search for Pluto!
  • What did the astronauts call the new arrival to the international space station when all he did was sit and stare out the observation window at the moon? A procrastronaut.
  • When training to go into space, what dance is mandatory for all astronauts to learn? The moonwalk.
  • Why are restaurants not permitted on the moon? Because they take up too much space.
  • What gives the moon such a voracious appetite? It’s hardly ever full.
  • What did the grumpy moon say to the meteor as it was passing by? Take your debris and get outer my space!
  • Why was Mars so impressed with the Moon’s legs? He really liked the way she waxed them.
  • Why was the moon so poor at the start of the month? It was down to one quarter.
  • What makes it so hard to book a room at the hotel on the moon at the end of every month? It’s always full.
  • Which animal do you think was the first one into space? The cow, when it jumped over the moon.
  • When we finally get to having a moon base, I sure hope there are no bugs there. Especially ticks. Nobody needs to deal with a luna-tick.
  • What makes Moon stones so much better than Earth rocks? Moon rocks are a lot meteor!
  • What is the moon’s favorite type of book to read? A comet-book!
  • I was stargazing with my son this evening and he pointed at the moon and said “Daddy look, the moon is grumpy.”
    I laughed and told him “It’s just going through a phase.”
  • If the moon had a favorite genre of music, what would it be? Rocket & Roll!
  • What keeps the moon in orbit around earth? Moon beams!
  • How did the moon end up with so many tickets? They kept forgetting to put money in the meteor!
  • My girlfriend asked me what I was laughing at while making breakfast this morning. I told her that I had spent the night outside, watching the moonlit sky and the stars in all their glory. Then it dawned on me.
  • Why is a day known as a day? I think it’s because astronomers just got fed up with counting the hours for a full moon rotation around the earth and decided to shorten it.
  • Why are moon researchers always so optimistic? Because they are always looking at the bright side.
  • I find it hard to carry on with a serious conversation about the moon with an astronaut. They rarely get the gravity of the situation.
  • If NASA did actually fake the moon landing, I think we all deserve a massive apollo-gy for how poorly it has aged.
  • What happens if an astronaut steps on gum on the moon? He gets stuck in lunar orbit.
  • I saw the perfect Valentine’s card for my wife today.
    You are my whole world, and I am your moon baby, because my heart and soul revolve around you!
  • The board game company I work for announced a new line of space-themed games today. They suspect the best seller will be Moon-opoly.
  • If Earth had no moon, what would it be like? There would be half as many poems and love songs as there are now.
  • The astronauts wanted to plan a party for their moon landing but were not sure how to approach it, so they asked mission control for some assistance with the idea.
    Mission control responded with “OK, so here’s what we need to do, planet.”
  • Two scientists were having a conversation in the cafeteria.
    The first scientist says “I hear the moon singing every day, surely it is hollow.”
    The second scientist says “I bet it is just moon-ologging about how silly we all look down here.”

Were These Out Of This World?

We love these funny moon puns and moon jokes. It’s honestly hard to avoid saying some when you see the moon out at night.

If you’re a humor nut like us, start sharing these with your friends and family. If they don’t understand your dedication to the silly things in life, it’s their loss!

And as always, send over any great puns or jokes you know. We’re always on the lookout for some more funny goodies.