23 Funny Tent Jokes & Puns That Will Blow You Away

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Tent jokes and tent puns are simply hilarious. You can make them as silly or clever as you want and still get a laugh!

This list of tent jokes & puns will give you plenty of great ideas that you can share with your friends. You’ll be repeating these before you know it! 

  • Why can’t you run through a campsite, but can ran?
    It’s past tents.
  • Why are construction workers always stressed?
    Because their work is in-tents.
  • I went and applied for camping insurance the other day.
    However, if someone steals the tent at night, I will no longer be covered.
  • The retail store has an upcoming tent sale for this year’s winter.
    The motto being used reads, “Now is the winter of our discount tent.”
  • This winter I’m planning on pitching a tent and putting a disco ball in it.
    It’s going to be the winter of my disco tent.
  • My skills for setting up tents are remarkable.
    I have a perfect pitch.
  • He was having trouble at his new job at the tent factory.
    He got himself into a bit of a flap.
  • Why did he refuse to go camping with octopuses?
    Because of the tent-tickles.
  • My friend was a juggler who messed up on the first event of his career.
    He ruined years of in-tents training.
  • Why did the detective stay in a tent?
    He was undercover.
  • If you are looking for a cheap holiday alternative,
    Just go camping in Derbyshire, in the Off Peak District.
  • We went camping in the forest with my friends last week and found an old Landrover.
    It was a nice Discovery for sure.
  • A man goes to a doctor and says, “Sometimes I think I’m a tipi, and sometimes a yurt.”
    The doctor replies, “You’re too tents”.
  • A lurker wielding a knife was arrested by police, and he was found hiding in sleeping gear at a local camping site.
    He was charged with criminal in-tent.
  • She went to the camping supply store to buy a tent but found that the pegs were placed on the top shelf.
    The stakes were too high.
  • An atheist, a priest, and a rabbit walk into a blood donor tent.
    The rabbit looks around and says, “I might be a type O”
  • The police seized a huge cache of stolen camping equipment.
    They invited the public to view the table of con-tents.
  • The couple got into a huge argument on our camping trip.
    It was really a tents atmosphere.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, I put up a tent and installed a TV to watch only Tarantino movies.
    I called it Tentin’ Quarantino.
  • Sherlock and his acquaintance Watson decided to go on a camping trip. They set up their tent and fall asleep. Some few hours later, they both wake up.

    Sherlock: Watson, tell me what you see when you look up.

    Watson: I see an endless sea of stars, Mr. Holmes.

    Sherlock: And what does that mean?

    Watson: Well, it depends. Astrologically speaking, it signifies that Saturn is in Leo. Astronomically, it shows me there are millions of galaxies out there. Theologically, it shows that God is all-powerful and we are just mere beings in the universe. Time-wise, it tells me it’s 3 a.m. What about you? What does it mean Mr. Holmes?

    Sherlock: Well, for one, it tells me you’re an idiot. Someone has just stolen our tent!
  • A man takes his family to the carnival, and they decide to go separate ways to enjoy the festivities.

    The wife walks by a fortune teller’s tent and, out of curiosity, decides to walk in to have her fortune foretold.

    The fortune teller is seated in the candle-lit tent with a crystal ball at the center of the table. She asks the wife, “Do you want me to foretell your future?”

    The wife replies, “Yes,” and the fortune teller starts uttering some incantations as her hands revolve around the crystal ball.

    After some minutes, she stops and looks at the wife with an appalled face before saying, “There’s no easy way to tell you this, so I’ll be direct. Before the end of the year, your husband will be murdered in the most gruesome manner, making you a widow.”

    The woman freezes for some minutes with her hands trembling and her face in dismay.

    She eventually manages to speak and asks the fortune teller, “Will I be acquitted?”
  • The Department of Defense was conducting recruitment for a survival training exercise.

    They selected three sergeants; one from the Army, one from the Marine Corps, and one from the Air Force, to be interviewed.

    The interviewer posed a question to the three sergeants, “What course of action would you take if you were to find a big scorpion in your tent as you’re about to go to sleep?”

    The soldier replies first and with tenacity, “I would crush it with my boot and investigate the area for more of them before I go to sleep.”

    The interviewer then turns to the marine. The marine answers, “I would pick it up, cut off its tail, cook the rest of it, and enjoy a wonderful evening meal.”

    The interviewer turns his attention to the Air Force sergeant and asks the same question.

    The sergeant replies, “Well, the first thing I will do is call the front desk and inquire whose idea of a joke it was to put up a tent in my hotel room.”

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