41+ Television Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

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There are so many great television puns and television jokes out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Whether we like it or not, TV is a core piece of our culture these days, and everyone has something to say and share about their favorite show!

This list of funny television puns and jokes will give you some great ones to bring up the next time the topic comes up! We loved putting this list together, and think you’ll have a great time reading it.

  • Recently, people have hardly visited the local television controller museum.
    It seems they are not remotely interested.
  • Count Dracula was featured on one of the DIY TV programs.
    His castle was getting a revamp.
  • Which TV soap opera do horses like the most?
  • What is a cow’s preferred sci-fi TV program?
    Dr. Moo.
  • My TV doesn’t like the outside very much.
    Every time it faces outside, it just glares.
  • She couldn’t resist the flirty TV remote.
    It was an instant turn on.
  • He hid the control for the TV.
    He was not even remotely sorry.
  • Which TV shows are completely clean?
    Soap Operas.
  • I watched a 70s TV program about two detectives solving crimes over the phone.
    Star Key and Hash.
  • My friend offered me a television for $50 with a broken volume control.
    I couldn’t turn it down.
  • We watched a detective series with a chilled out soundtrack.
    It was a mellow drama.
  • The two television aerials met on the roof, fell in love, and got married.
    The wedding ceremony was not impressive, but the reception was fantastic
  • What do you call a convicted late night TV show host?
    Jimmy Felon.
  • You never see Jersey Royals or King Edwards presenting sports on TV.
    Only Common Taters.
  • Which TV show was the astronaut featured in?
    Dancing with the stars.
  • What does Dr. Who prefer to eat with his pizza?
    Dalek bread.
  • It’s crazy that The Flintstones aren’t shown on TV in Dubai,
    But Abu Dhabi Do.
  • What do mushrooms watch on television?
  • The main character in my favorite crime television show is a duck.
    She always quacks the case.
  • Tonight there’s going to be a TV program about the history of perfume.
    It will air at 8pm on Channel Number 5.
  • My wife is threatening to divorce me due to my obsession of pretending to be a TV news anchor.
    More on this matter after the break.
  • TV repair during the pandemic was relatively easy.
    It was mostly remote work.
  • The first episode of a TV show is called a ‘Pilot’ since anyone can fly a plane for some seconds.
    But you have to show beyond doubt your jokes can land.
  • Whoever named it a television,
    Had the chance to call it a watching machine
  • My colleague came in today worn out from staying up all night watching TV comedies.
    She satired.
  • What does a television and a four-wheeled vehicle have in common?
    They’re both ATV.
  • What do you call a kangaroo that watches too much television?
    A pouch potato.
  • Yesterday, my wife and I watched three DVDs back to back.
    Fortunately, I was the one facing the television.
  • Friend: Hey, did you hear this year’s Origami competition is going to be broadcasted on ESPN?
    Me: I heard it’s pay per view
  • I asked my dad how he never seemed to lose the TV remote when I was growing up.
    He told me he’d always put it in a location away from all the mess, a remote location.
  • How did the dog stop the TV show?
    He pressed paws.
  • Girlfriend: You have to stop watching so much television, and start reading more.
    Me: (Turns on the closed captions.)
    Girlfriend: Are you serious right now?
  • What did the Jedi Master Yoda say when he saw himself on TV?
  • Why can’t people watch TV in Afghanistan?
    Because of the telly-ban.
  • My TV was behaving weird. It started playing random Netflix shows.
    However, I’ve seen Stranger Things.
  • My friend brought his TV remote into every sports bar we went to so that he could change the channel to whatever we wanted.
    It was a real game changer.
  • She was planning a huge announcement on the new Marvel TV show she was watching.
    But she was keeping it low key.
  • Have you heard about the new TV show called The Walking Dad?
    It features dads walking around the house all day switching off lights, and complaining that they are “not made of money.”
  • I just saw a TV announcement about an ongoing search being conducted by the FBI for a fortune teller, who happens to be a dwarf.
    It seems there is a small medium at large.
  • Why shouldn’t children watch big band performances on television?
    Too much sax and violins.
  • The two siblings, a brother and a sister, were fighting over the TV remote and the situation escalated. The remote fell down and a couple of AAA batteries fell out.

    The sister took one battery and threw it at his brother. In return, the brother grabbed a nearby salt shaker and threw it at his sister.

    The mother, who was closely watching everything as it unfolded, chuckles and says, “Assault and battery.”

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