33+ Camera Puns & Jokes That You’ll Want Exposure To

A camera that has taken pictures of puns and jokes

Camera puns and camera jokes are often overlooked in the joke-telling community. Everyone rushes to trendier topics, but forget just how great these ones can be!

We hope these camera puns and jokes will give you a flash of joy during a mundane moment in your day.

  • A few weeks ago, I got this reversing camera.
    I’ve never looked back since then.
  • My brother went all haywire whenever he misplaced his camera.
    You could say he was quite a loose canon.
  • I stacked the camera on three tide pods.
    Afterwards, I ran to my brother and told him, “Look, there’s a tripod.”
  • My dad is fed up with his camera lens flying away and perching on things.
    It was quite aperture.
  • Camera men always complete their work.
    They are very good at focusing.
  • Why do you only see positives after purchasing a digital camera?
    Because it has no negatives.
  • What is common between snipers and photographers?
    They both get paid to take headshots.
  • What was the name of the patron saint of the security camera?
    St. Francis of the CCTV.
  • Why was the camera flash jailed?
    It was charged with battery.
  • What did the grandkid tell his grandfather after he asked him how he would get chocolates, a milk packet, pack of cookies, and a new ball with just 5 dollars in his youth?
    He said, “Well, back then, there were no CCTV cameras.”
  • My friend asked Siri why he always finds it difficult to find a girlfriend.
    Instead of giving a verbal response, Siri opened the front camera.
  • How many cameras does an expert photographer need?
    Just two more.
  • Why did the famous photographer get sick every time?
    Because he was always going viral.
  • A friend of mine accidentally washed his father’s camera’s memory card.
    His father was furious because all the images had been watermarked.
  • What do you call a camera who has mood swings and is depressed?
    Bipolaroid disorder.
  • What name should be given to a cheese camera?
  • Why don’t people turn their camera on in Zoom?
    Because they have been infected by Novid-19.
  • Why did the camera-selling company buy the other one?
    The company wanted to take the competition out of its picture.
  • Why does the iPhone camera look like a stove?
    Because of Tim Cook.
  • When somebody tells him that his camera takes nice pictures, he smiles and says, “Thanks. I taught it everything.”
  • What did the cameraman, who was beaten up with a camera, say?
    “I have very bad flashbacks.”
  • Who is the one character that survives in all disaster movies?
    The cameraman, of course.
  • Why was the photographer a good problem solver?
    Because she looked at problems from a different perspective.
  • Why did they impose a fine on the photographer after his lens had fallen off the camera?
    Because of indecent exposure.
  • Me: Who do you think won the race in Justice League 2017 – Superman or the Flash?
    Friend: Well, I mean, the cameraman was in front of both of them.
  • My friend told me a horror story involving window blinds and a camera.
    I shutter at the thought of it.
  • My little brother made a TikTok video by firing dad’s taser at the camera.
    What happened next will shock you.
  • A man was caught on camera eating four of his toes.
    It was a very shaky foot-age.
  • I bought a new camera today and went out to test it. I was looking for an ideal place and I found a salon where a man was cutting a lady’s hair. I went in and asked him if I could take some pictures of him and the lady.

    The man told me that the lady wanted a rainbow look, and it would be nice to take some before-and-after pictures to document the coloring process.

    That’s the moment when I shot a man, just to watch him dye.
  • A man is driving past a traffic camera when he notices its flash. He thinks that the picture might have been taken for over speeding, but is quite sure that he didn’t exceed the limit.

    The man drives around the block and passes the same spot, but this time driving even slower. Once more, the camera flashes, and the man can’t believe it. He tries for a third, fourth, and even a fifth time, each time the camera flashing and taking his picture.

    One week later, he received five tickets in the mail for driving a car without a safety belt.
  • A wife walks into the living room and finds her husband eagerly looking for something.
    He is checking in vents, moving furniture, simply looking at every corner of the living room. Confused, the wife asks him what he is looking for.

    The husband replies, “Hidden cameras.”

    “Why?” the wife asks, even more confused.

    “Because the guy on the TV knows what I’m doing. After every five minutes, he says, ‘you’re watching the weather channel’

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