67 Funny Robot Jokes & Puns For You To Process

A robot processing funny robot jokes and puns

If you’re looking for a list of funny robot jokes and puns, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve always found robots to be oddly hilarious (we can’t be the only ones). There’s something about their simplistic genius and efficiency that’s easy to poke fun at.

Even better, robotics and artificial intelligence is becoming a fixture of modern society. That means there are plenty of opportunities for you to share some of these robot puns and robot jokes with your friends.

So enjoy it now before they take over the world and destroy humanity!

  • At the robot funeral, the robots sobbed “Rust in peace, brother.”
  • The robot needed to be rebooted, so he called the shoe shop.
  • Until he took a byte, the robot was excited for the meal.
  • Because he was not able to rust in peace, the robot was forced to go back to Earth as a ghost. 
  • I had to give the baby robot his bottle when he was crying.
  • The robot had to turn into a roadbot in order to get to school.
  • Wireleand is a robot’s favorite vacation spot.
  • A robot’s favorite game at the arcade is the Sparkanoid.
  • Robots love the music by Android Lloyd Webber because it is music with a side of theatre. 
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Wire is what the robot book club is currently reading.
  • Computer chips and raspberry pi is what the robots always order from the Robot Diner.
  • My new friendship has no strings attached, all because I got a wireless robot.
  • A metal trans-farmer is a mix between a robot and a tractor.
  • Da-ta was the baby robot’s first word. Mommy was so proud.
  • This robot is a pro-to-type. He can write 500 robot jokes a minute.
  • I had to sit and listen to my robot friend vent about all of his friends. Man, he has a mean chip on his shoulder.
  • The cop had to charge the robot with battery for the third time this week. All because he was low on power.
  • Robots only listen to one type of music, heavy metal.
  • The Middle East came out with a sequel to ‘I Robot’. It is called ‘I Ran.’
  • Because a robot’s love can’t be bot, they will never cross you.
  • The robot went to the doctor’s office because he felt off. Turns out he has a deadly virus.
  • A mandatory book robots need to read at school is called “All about Robots,” by CyBorg.
  • Who knew that there were snowbots in the North Pole.
  • Robots are androids, which is why they do not like apples.
  • The robot had software and hardware but no underware, which is why he was afraid to get changed.
  • A robot’s favorite author is Anne Driod.
  • My robot friend has a new name. He is now called MegaByte, due to eating an entire sandwich in one byte.
  • Robot birth is always painful due to all of the contraptions they have.
  • The best pirate robot movie is called Aye Robot.
  • The first robot concert I went to was also the first time I heard them play a cyborgan.
  • My first time teaching robots, one asked me where he should sit. I told him on his robottom.
  • After four minutes, my new egg timer shaped like a dalek says “eggs terminate!”
  • At a party I hosted, I served guacamole. The robots brought their own microchips.
  • When it snows, the robots wear their roboots.
  • When I met my first pirate robot, he greeted me with “arr2D2.”
  • When I put my robot in the bath, it said “that will shower”.
  • The robot asked her to be his girlfriend after the first date. He just could not resistor.
  • As much as the music loving robot tried, he could never finish his instrument collection. He could never get any organs.
  • Rowbots are great at watersports.
  • Everyone was really pushing his buttons, which is why this robot was getting angry.
  • When the robot mechanic got sad, he just made himself new friends.
  • When the robot used up all of his cache, he went bankrupt.
  • R2D2 had to install Adobe Wan Kenobi in order to open a PDF on his computer.
  • Robots love Mexican silicon carne.
  • What happens when robots die? They rust in peace.
  • The most recent robot convention was very aluminum-ating!
  • Metal-lica is a robot’s favorite band.
  • The robot failed his exam because he was a bit rusty.
  • The love between the robot and the magnet was magnetic attraction.
  • Robots are bad teachers because they just drone on and on and on and on and on.
  • A robot that makes scarves and blankets is called an extermin-knitter.
  • The robot went to therapy because he always bot-tled up his emotions.
  • A robot that loves to row is called a row-bot.
  • Robots drink from metal ro-bottles.
  • Why did the robot cross the road? He is programmed to do so.
  • The robot felt like he was getting a bit rusty, so he went back to school.
  • A robot dog’s bark is worse than his byte.
  • My new robot dog’s name is Dogmatic.
  • What did the robot say when I first met him? “I am robot!”
  • A robot that always runs into the wall is called what? Wall-E
  • What do robot dogs do? They byte!
  • Two robots went for a drive. Being badly programmed drove them into the restaurant.
  • Robots use cache to pay for everything.
  • Nano-robots travel on the nano-tube to get anywhere.
  • The robot got in trouble because he is a resistor.
  • The robot could not respond because he had no actuator.
  • The robot could never get his picture taken because he is a photo-resistor.
  • The robot acted strangely because of his faulty circuit board.

Did You Have Fun Processing These?

We hope you enjoyed this list of funny robot jokes and puns. It was surprisingly difficult to put together, but we’re happy with the ones we collected.

With so many opportunities to bring them up in your daily life, there’s really no excuse for not using some from time to time. Robots aren’t going away anytime soon!

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