26 Rug, Mat and Carpet Puns & Jokes

Rug puns and rug jokes are surprisingly funny. Not only can they be both clever and goofy, but you’ll always have an opportunity to share them with your friends in a natural way!

Here I use the word “rug” as a carpet or a fabric floor covering. I came to know that the word “rug” has another meanings too – a partial wig (a toupée). RUG as a code or abbreviation is also used to denote Ghent University in Belgium, University of Groningen in the Netherlands, a media company called Really Useful Group, and a train station of the town Rugby in England. If you ever find yourself in one of these alternative places, please feel free to use our puns!!!

Give this list of puns a read through!

  • The pasta goes to the meatball to cut a rug
  • A small rug is always on the passenger seat.I occasionally rub it, and it keeps me company while I drive.Everyone calls it my car pet. 
  • I made a pour decision when I spilled wine on my grandfather’s rug.
  • I was invited to see his new Oriental rug by my long-time friend. It turned out to be a Chinese toupee.
  • There was a pug snug in a rug. 
  • What do you call someone who likes to jog on a rug? They are a carpet runner!
  • The rug told the floor it was covered.
  • The rug life ultimately chose me. 
  • My friend, who is 65 years old, wants to work on rugs for the rest of her life. Talk about a looming retirement. 
  • When I inquired of my father as to why he was utilizing the lint roller on the rug, he replied, “Because that’s how I roll.”
  • Check out the rug doctors, they steam over dirt.
  • The rug was floored by the comments from the table. 
  • Chuck Norris has a bear rug in his room. It’s not dead you know, just scared like the rest of us. 
  • My flaw would be sweeping things under the rug, and I do not feel like talking about it. 
  • I wish my wife didn’t look like a rugged lumber jack. 
  • Did you know that Aladdin and Jasmine were banned from the palace race for using performance-enhancing rugs? 
  • The boss said to the dog, Cooper, ” We are letting you go.” Cooper replied,” You’re letting me go on the rug?”
  • What did the woman say to the man? You look rugged. 
  • I am just a bug in a rug. 
  • What is a political-themed knockoff of a Lego rug? A duplo mat. 
  • A man who wears a rug on his head is referred to as what? Matt
  • Girl, you would look great on hardwood because you are like a fine oriental rug.
  • Did you know that a prayer rug with TNT makes the prophets fly through the roof? 
  • I wondered what it would be like to lie naked on a bear rug. Cracker Barrel was not thrilled. 
  • A man enters a carpet store because he needs to buy a rug. The store clerk asked ” Why do you look so down? Are you planning to wrap up a body in the thing? The man says,” Give me two rugs.”
  • When I glanced up as I was walking down the street, I saw my Arab friend, Ahmed, frantically shaking a rug from the second story.I asked him, ” What’s going on Ahmed? It’s not starting or something?”

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