40 Funny Lego Puns & Jokes For You To Put Together

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Lego puns and lego jokes are hilarious. These little toys are incredibly iconic, and surprisingly funny!

We have a lot of fun reading all the great stuff people have come up with before settling on the list below. Give them a read and let us know what you think.

  • What is the correct command to make a ninja exit your lego house? Ninjago!
  • What does an elf say when an orc steals his lego blocks? “I’m legolas!”
  • How do you greet an alien made from lego? I come in pieces!
  • How does a lego figurine propose to his lover? He gives her a bracelet.
  • Who was the famous lego artisan in all of legoland? Le-Gogh!
  • Why are grown-ups so attached to their legos? Because they just can’t seem to leave their childhood behind.
  • What made the lego miniature sick? It had a blocked nose.
  • How does the doctor treat someone that has a lego stuck in their nose? They tell the patient to block out the pain while they remove it.
  • What does a young battery say when it steps on a block of lego in the middle of the night? “AAA!”
  • Can you guess how I built a lego house in the Arctic circle? Iglooed it together.
  • What type of measurement do lego figures use when planning their construction projects? Square feet!
  • How do the lego figurines celebrate national holidays? They have a block party!
  • I had never felt so validated as I did when I completed building the new lego set I bought a few weeks ago. Not sure why the box claimed it would take 8 to 10 years.
  • What is the common thread between two people holding dozens of lego blocks in their hands? Really big hands.
  • Which dance is the favorite among lego miniatures? The square dance.
  • What did the lego miniature couple say to each other after their date? Never lego of me!
  • Why do you never hear complaints from people stepping on toy soldiers like you do with lego blocks? Because everyone knows, you never tread on a veteran.
  • What do you call a computer that has a case made with legos? Bricked.
  • What do all legos fear the most? A vacuum cleaner on the warpath.
  • There was an accident on the freeway involving a truck load of lego today. It’s such a mess. The emergency crews are still trying to piece everything together.
  • They say that time heals all wounds, but I say that whoever said that never stepped on a lego block in the dark.
  • What is another name for a lego miniatures parent that stops their kids from fighting by separating them and sending them to their rooms? A demolition expert.
  • What has wheels but no driver and loves to eat lego blocks for breakfast? A roomba with a morning routine.
  • Which type of operation do all lego miniature doctors know how to perform? Plastic surgery.
  • What can you find in every lego home bathroom? Toy-let paper.
  • What do you get when the LEGO company opens a new store in a big city? People lined up for blocks!
  • Why did the lego figurine need a therapist? He was suffering from separation anxiety.
  • Why do people get so excited when new lego miniatures are released? Because they are real head turners.
  • What do legos and kids have in common? They are both fun to make.
  • What is the appropriate action to take if someone doesn’t enjoy your lego jokes? Blocking them.
  • How do you deal with an elephant that sits on the lego city you spent a year constructing? You construct a new lego city and apologize to the elephant.
  • How does a tower made from lego blocks jump higher than a kangaroo? Take it with you when you go bungee jumping.
  • Why was the lego movie so successful? Because it was a total blockbuster.
  • How does a young snake become the best lego builder? It trains to be a boa constructor.
  • What is the premium home security system that you can buy for your house? Lego blocks. Put them in front of every door and window.
  • What do you call a bunch of little islands made from lego? An archipe-lego!
  • Why is it so hard for lego figurines to have a peaceful afterlife? Because when they expire, they are usually in pieces.
  • What did the lego figurine write inside his valentine card to his girlfriend? Baby, you are my missing piece!
  • How do successful lego miniatures achieve so much? They set lofty le-goals.
  • Why is it so hard to quickly come up with a new lego joke? Good ones take a long time to put together.

Which Ones Did You Like?

Hopefully you had as much fun reading these lego puns and lego jokes as we did. There’s something about them that we can’t get enough of!

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