19 Box Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

The subject of box puns and jokes

While it might seem like a strange topic, box puns and box jokes can actually be quite funny. The world is full of boxes, so knowing some of these can come in quite handy!

This list of box puns and jokes will give you some great options the next time you’re unpacking something, or simply looking for a way to pass the time.

  • What do you call a stereo playing music while inside a box? A beatbox!
  • What makes life so similar to a box of mixed chocolates? The poor really can’t afford it either.
  • Do you know which treatment a box of kleenex likes the most at the spa? Deep tissue massages.
  • Why was the fisherman so terrible at boxing? Because he only knew how to throw hooks.
  • Did you know that you never need to get a box of eggs in France? No matter what you are using them for, one is always un oeuf!
  • My friends are obsessed with the 1980s boombox. They’re always bringing it up in our conversations. One day, while hosting a barbeque, I decided it was time to put an end to the stereo type.
  • What do you get when you forget your Adderall prescription in the glove box of your Ford Fiesta? You get a Ford Focus the next morning.
  • Can you guess what is worse than getting a box full of snakes delivered to your door? Getting a box that was meant to be full of snakes but finding it empty.
  • My girlfriend got very upset with me when I gave her the birthday present I put together for her. It was a hand crafted box with pictures of her past boyfriends. I don’t get why she was so upset. After all, she was the one that asked for an ex-box.
  • What is another name for boxed wine? Cardboardeaux!
  • I have a knack for being able to tell what is inside of a wrapped box. Simply put, it’s a gift!
  • My cousin worked at the local cardboard box making factory, but it recently folded.
  • What limitations do you have if you live inside a box? You can’t seem to think outside of it.
  • I was listening to my kids talk over their lunch today and my youngest boy said to my oldest boy “I didn’t know concrete tasted like that!”
    I burst out laughing and my oldest boy told him “No, silly, concentrate!”
    “I am concentrating,” replied my youngest.
  • My coworker saw me moving pallets of boxes around in the warehouse at work today and he waved me down. I stopped my fork lift and asked him what was up. He points at the pallet stack I’ve made and says “That’s a crate job mate!”
  • I was low on contact lenses, so I placed my usual order and when it arrived, the box was empty. I phoned the customer service number on the box and explained what happened and they said they think they knew what went wrong. Curious, I asked them to explain. “Sir, I believe you selected the contactless delivery option.”
  • My grandma and grandpa were going through a bunch of boxes of their old stuff this past weekend while I was visiting, and my grandma found something she used to wear years ago.
    “Look honey, remember when I wore this after we first met? It even fits still!”
    “I sure do, you always loved that old scarf.”
  • I was walking my dog along the beach the other day and stubbed my foot against something buried in the sand. I got my dog to help me dig around the object and discovered a metal box. When I opened the lid, a Genie popped out.
    The Genie was so grateful for having been freed from his imprisonment that he offered me a wish.
    I told him that wasn’t necessary but he insisted, so I said “Well, if I have to make a wish, then I wish for a box of gold that is never empty.
    The Genie snapped his fingers and exclaimed very loudly “DONE!”
    The metal box that my dog and I had dug up was now completely covered in gold and filled to the brim with sand on the beach in front of us.
    I should have known to be more precise with my wishes.

What Do You Think?

These box puns and box jokes are actually rather funny! As long as you give them a chance, you shouldn’t have trouble finding opportunities to bring them up.

If you know any others that we should consider adding to the list, feel free to submit them. We’re in awe of the comedic gifts our readers possess, so keep on impressing us!