31 Balloon Puns & Jokes That Are Seriously Funny

Balloons flying away from puns and jokes about them

Balloon puns and balloon jokes are timeless. These simple little contraptions have filled our minds with wonder and joy for many years, so it’s only natural to come up with puns and jokes about them!

Give this list a read and let us know which ones you like the most. We had a great time putting them all together!

  • How does a balloon get injured? It falls float on its face.
  • What caused the balloon to seek the assistance of a therapist? It had been suffering from a feeling of deflation for weeks.
  • Why are floating balloons considered to be big pretenders? Because they are all just filled with hot air.
  • Why should you never let Elsa hold your balloons? Because she will only let them go.
  • What did the balloon say to the cloud when it got swept up in the storm? You totally blew me away!
  • What genre of music do balloons really not enjoy? Pop music!
  • How did the helium balloon become so famous so quickly? It fed off the laughing gas from the audience and rose up the comedy charts.
  • Why did the balloon start gaining so much weight? Because it kept ignoring its diet and was filling up on Radon instead of Oxygen or Helium.
  • Why shouldn’t you ever observe hot air balloon enthusiasts packing up their air balloons after a hot air balloon show? Because it’s just deflating.
  • Why did the animal balloon run away? Because it was filled with helium instead of oxygen.
  • The rising cost of balloons is sure to have an impact on the celebration scene this year. Blame it on inflation.
  • Why was the balloon sent to therapy to deal with his anger problems? Because he was always exploding randomly when he built up too much pressure.
  • I wish I could remember the balloon joke I wanted to tell everyone. It seems to have floated away from my memory.
  • My cousin thought it would be a great idea to try inventing a cold air balloon to help fight climate change, but it never really got off the ground.
  • Can you guess what the balloon said to his helium balloon cousin while they were hanging out in the desert? Be careful around that cactusssssss…
  • Why should you never include balloons in a marriage proposal situation? Because your other half may not appreciate the question being popped.
  • I fear I may have traumatized my kids about having a dog when I presented the chihuahua balloon and it exploded in front of them.
  • Which dessert do balloons prefer the most after a big meal? A float, of course.
  • What do you get when you fill a house with balloons? Up.
  • What do you name your kids to guarantee they will have a successful life? Balloon, because they always rise up.
  • What did the clown say when he released the balloons at the birthday party? Float!
  • What do you call a fashion company that specializes in clothes designed from balloons? Balloonciaga!
  • What do you get when you cross a loaf of bread with a package of balloons? A bunch of ballooney sandwiches!
  • I loved learning how to make balloon animals during the clown school course, but I couldn’t stand the pop quizzes that always followed the lessons.
  • I had an interview for a job inflating balloons with a party supplies company the other day, but I’m pretty sure I blew it. There were balloon bits everywhere.
  • I thought I was being clever by attaching your gift to a helium balloon and sending it your way rather than paying for an overpriced delivery service, but in hindsight it was probably a mistake, as it just floated away up into the stratosphere.
  • I felt so bad for showing up to my mom’s birthday empty handed. It wasn’t that I forgot to get her something, but rather I forgot to secure the helium balloons which had a card with a spa getaway inside tapped to them.
  • Everyone at my cousin’s birthday party was so serious and quiet, as they didn’t want to upset him since his cake fell on the sidewalk as it was being brought in. On a lighter note, I brought him a bunch of his favorite coloured balloons with his favorite animals on them.
  • Why did the balloon factory have to close down its operations? The root cause was uncontrolled inflation. Costs just kept ballooning out of sight.
  • Two helium balloons are floating around the room after a birthday party. One says to the other “I’m not sure what just happened, but it seems we’ve both got some gas!”
  • The helium balloon woke up not feeling well so he decided to go to the doctors office to find out what was wrong. After a short consultation, the doctor gave a short laugh and said “All is well Mr. Balloon, you’re just lightheaded.”

Did These Float Your Boat?

We hope these balloon puns and balloon jokes entertained you and gave you some ideas for ones you can share with your friends.

If you know any other ones we should consider adding to the list above, send them our way! We’re always on the lookout for more.