37 Funny Roof Puns & Jokes (We Think We Nailed It)

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Although it might seem a bit odd, there are plenty of hilarious roof puns and roof jokes out there. This surprised us, but after putting this list together we realized that there’s something about this topic that will always make you chuckle.

Give this list of roof puns and jokes a read and pick your favorites. You’ll certainly be telling some of these to your friends later on!

  • A friend of mine was stuck on the roof, and he was begging me for a ladder. There’s no way I was going to let him down.
  • Urologists could really make good roofers. They are excellent at fixing leaks.
  • You always get me every shingle time with your roofing jokes.
  • The construction team invited me to a party yesterday. They really raised the roof.
  • The roofer denied all accusations of offending the homeowner. He said the homeowner’s mind was in the gutter.
  • My friend launched his business of selling ships in bottles down the street. His sails have been hitting the roof.
  • If a roofing company discovers an applicant applying for a job has a fear of heights. They don’t ‘higher’ them.
  • I always love to travel while on the roof of a Honda. I do it on my own Accord.
  • Roofers should not be screaming at the top of their lungs when they are about to finish a big roofing job. Instead, they need to just vent.
  • What do snowboarders and roofers have in common? They can never get enough of the slopes.
  • The roofer was very frustrated after having his sixth child. He should have used a pipe sleeve.
  • What do female roofers have that male roofers don’t? Nice hips.
  • I have this great joke about roofs that I’m eager to tell you, but I think it would be over your head.
  • Why did the exhibitionist quit his job to become a roofer? His friend told him the job involved a lot of stripping.
  • The metal roofer said he only works on his knees and hands. He believes standing seams dangerous.
  • After installing an asphalt shingle, the roofer received a lot of positive customer reviews. He must have nailed it.
  • Dad: Do you know why roofing professionals always look up to the stars?
    Son: No. Why?
    Dad: Because stars live in nice houses with big, fancy roofs.
  • How should an online dating profile of a newly divorced roofer read? Shingle and ready to mingle.
  • A dyslexic roofer had drank too much and needed an immediate remedy. He took aspirin tablets to relieve his overhang.
  • Why did the president give the incarcerated roofer a full Presidential Pardon? He believed she deserved a clean slate.
  • Suddenly, the cool roofer stopped hanging out with his friends. He must have realized they were SQs.
  • Two aerials fell in love at first sight when they met on the roof. They eventually got married and held a huge ceremony. The ceremony didn’t impress me that much, but the reception was incredible.
  • Me: Hey. What’s that guy doing over there?
    Friend: Huh. Are those pictures of bicycles he’s painting on the church’s roof?
    Me: Yeah. Looks like we have a Cycleangelo on our hands.
  • I went to the retail store yesterday to buy some roofing material.
    Cashier: Are you going to put this on your debit card?
    Me: No, not really. I’m going to put it on my dog’s kennel.
  • The roofer always went to work wearing a sleeveless shirt. He stood firm in his right to bear arms.
  • Why were the roofers worried about paying their mortgages? They knew their jobs were up in the air.
  • Boy: How on earth does this lady roofer have a million followers on YouTube?
    Girl: There’s only one way, Flashing.
  • The roofer really had a difficult time installing his shingle. He brought a hammer to a nail-gun fight. 
  • I wanted to change my roof but I didn’t have any money on me. Luckily, my contractor told me that it will be on the house.
  • Why was the roofer fired by the roofing company for taking bathroom breaks? The roofer’s waste factor was too high.
  • I decided I was going to take up all responsibilities in my life. I’m going to take things to new heights.
  • A dog that works in roofing is called? A woofer.
  • My dad operated his entire roofing business, which turned out to be a huge success. Still, he needed to be on top of things.
  • A dad and his daughter are roofing their new barn.
    Dad: Ever heard of that song about women roofers?
    Daughter: No, I don’t think so.
    Dad: Of course you do. Shingle Ladies
  • The wife was obsessed with roofing equipment, so the husband gave her an ultimatum: either she chose the husband or the equipment. She chose the ladder.
  • The neighbor just started his roofing business, and he has incredible promotions to offer. If you buy a roof at his store, it’s totally on the house.

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We hope you had a great time reading these funny roof puns and roof jokes. This was one of our favorite lists to create, and we’ll definitely be revisiting these as time goes on.

If you know any more that deserve a spot above, send them to us! We accept submissions from our readers all the time and will add any funny ones.