33 Funny Shower Jokes & Puns For You To Soak In

A shower where you can think of funny jokes and puns

There are so many funny shower jokes and shower puns out there that it was hard to know where to start! We had such a large group to choose from that it was hard to avoid getting distracted!

This list of shower jokes and puns will definitely make you laugh. The act of ditching your clothes and showering opens you up to many hilarious scenarios.


  • I had a shower addiction for years, but I’m now totally clean.
  • While taking a shower today, I got shampoo in my eyes. That must have been an eye-soapening experience, my partner said.
  • What would be in a cannibal’s shower? Shoulder and head
  • What is the purpose of the astronomers’ meat shampoo? To allow for meatier showers.
  • The doorbell was heard by a woman in the shower.
    “The blind man is there,”
    She opened the door in her underwear.
    “Good boobs. Where do you want the blind hung?”
  • What makes you think an elephant is hidden in your shower? The shower curtain cannot be closed.
  • Environmental scientists have established that, on average, a five-minute shower consumes one-third less water than a fifteen-minute shower.
  • Why do people sing while showering? Because the bathing audience is sh**!
  • The finest showers are the cold ones. after you get used to them
  • I was considering getting in the shower. However, I became aware that I could trip and damage myself.
  • Why are you unable to let a Pokémon use the restroom while you are taking a shower? Considering that he might Peek-at-chu. And if he gets very aroused, he might Squirtle.
  • What did Descartes remark after going a week without taking a shower? “I am because I stink,”
  • My physician is such a nice person. He never fails to compliment me. He just informed me that I had acute tonsillitis.
  • What does Eminem do while showering? Lathers, Marshal
  • Osama Bin Laden didn’t ever shower.Because he simply had an excessive fondness for bath bombs.
  • I’ve been taking showers whenever I can for years, but I still can’t seem to get a hold of it!
  • I know someone who attempted a selfie in the shower but the image was hazy. He struggles with his selfies.
  • I exited the shower, dressed in my towel, went downstairs, and unlocked the door. I recognize that it’s an odd spot for a door to be, yet there it is.
  • What did the showers ever do to you? Why do folks say, “Hit the showers”?
  • What happened to the cheetah that took two daily showers? He emerged flawless.
  • My acquaintance realized he wasn’t a very good burglar as he was taking a shower.
  • What do May flowers bring if April showers bring May flowers? Pilgrims
  • What did Descartes say after he started drinking? “I am therefore I drink.”
  • In the shower, I can’t find my scrubber. It’s distant, ah.
  • My last shower was three months ago. Consider the water bill that would result if I stayed in the shower for that long.
  • I was being dad-joked by my wife in the shower. I was therefore relishing my lovely, warm shower. Do you always take a cold shower in the morning, she asks? “I’m not taking a cold shower,” I declare.
    She responds, “Yet,” and then drenches me with icy water.
    I would have moaned, but I was preoccupied with contracting.
  • After work, my fit female supervisor saw me in the bathroom taking a shower. Would you mind removing my blouse, she asked me? I said, “Certainly,” and removed it. Would you take off my skirt too? She asked as she turned around. So I also took that off. When she finally requested it, I also removed her underpants. She then turned to face me and threatened to fire me if she ever caught me wearing my clothes once more.
  • A man was boasting about how his sister had posed as a man and enlisted in the Army.
    The listener interrupted, “But wait a second, she’ll have to get dressed with the lads and take showers with them too, won’t she?”
    Sure, the man answered.
    “Well? Will they not discover it?”
    And who will reveal?
  • Is it possible to start taking showers yet? Or are we still merely hand-washing?
  • What distinguishes hamburgers dropping from the sky from water falling from the sky? A meatier shower is among them.
  • Do you understand the distinction between a shower curtain and toilet paper? Oh. It is thus you
  • My partner questioned why I enjoy taking hot showers.
    I informed him that a snack is better cooked.
    When a man checks into a hotel, the question of whether he wants a shower or a bath is posed to him. What’s the difference, he queries, wanting to save money. You must stand up in the shower, the staff person responds.
  • In the shower this morning, I had the idea for this joke.
    The manager of a professional baseball team chooses to spend by purchasing first class tickets for everyone while they wait to fly home from an impressive victory. Everyone boards the aircraft eager to experience luxury travel. But the group rapidly discovers they didn’t book enough seats. Everyone is unsure of what to do until finally a team rookie steps up and yells, “Put me in coach!”

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