50+ Funny Candle Puns & Jokes That Will Light You Up

A woman holding a candle while telling puns and jokes about it

There are so many hilarious candle puns and candle jokes to choose from that it was tough for us to pick the best ones! Making this list took quite a while.

But that’s a good thing.

Below is the complete list of funny candle puns and jokes for you to look through. Give them a read, pick your favorites, and share them with your friends.

  • Why was the candle sad?
    Because his friends blew him off.
  • There was a box of candles that I received yesterday.
    I candled them with care.
  • He borrowed his friend’s candle without asking her first.
    She was incensed.
  • My dad bought a gold-scented candle and burned it.
    It had a very rich aroma.
  • The local candle factory was not making enough money.
    It is probably because they only made a few scents.
  • I bought my brother some candles for his room.
    It was quite lit.
  • She wanted to start a candle-making company, but her family didn’t think it was a good idea.
    She kept reassuring them that it makes scents.
  • What’s the name of the assassin who only uses candles as his weapon?
    John Wick.
  • My friend invited us to a party at his house the other day. Everybody was dressed as birthday candles.
    It was a blowout.
  • My brother missed his chance to blow on his candles and make a wish.
    The candles went out and he blew it.
  • My brother opted for small candles to be used as decorations for his party.
    His place looks tealight-ful.
  • Why didn’t the candle burn during the week?
    Because it only burns on wick ends.
  • My daughter met someone new at the candle store some months ago.
    Their relationship started with candlelight, but it only lasted for a wick.
  • I bought my friend a candle extinguisher.
    He was de-lighted.
  • My friend was trying to find a way to make candles burn longer.
    I told him, “You cannot. They burn shorter.”
  • The local soccer team loses more matches than when I’m trying to light a candle at night.
  • The candle didn’t eat food at night. It only had a little snack.
    I guess we can call that a light dinner.
  • Five men were on a ship and had six candles, but had nothing with them that could light the candles.
    Therefore, they decided to throw a candle overboard and the whole ship became a candle lighter.
  • What type of sale did the local candle store have?
    A blowout sale.
  • What’s the name of a candle that has been made of melted remains of other candles?
  • What did the candle tell its friend?
    I’m going out tonight.
  • The candle was eating another candle.
    It was an act of candlebalism.
  • Everyone talks about how scented candles are wonderful.
    But I know they are wicked.
  • What is the difference between a skinny horseman and a candle?
    One is a light knight, and the other is a night light.
  • Two friends were having a chat at the bar.
    Friend 1: What do you think Jay-Z’s house smells like?
    Friend 2: Ambeyonce.
  • The man was not happy with the pay he got while working at the candle factory.
    The boss told him to focus on the burn-efits.
  • Which game did the candle like the most?
  • Why did the candle go into the cave?
    It was time to hi-burn-ate.
  • What’s the name of a candle that always has savage replies?
  • My brother always demands that candles be put on his cakes.
    That’s wishful thinking.
  • Why couldn’t the candle sleep?
    There is no rest for the wicked.
  • How did the angel light the candle?
    Using a match made in heaven.
  • What did the candle tell the match?
    You light up my world.
  • Which is the best place to learn about candles?
  • Why did the candle quit his job?
    He was too burnt out.
  • What type of insurance do candle companies apply for?
    Waxident insurance.
  • A Buddhist man gave my friend a “Nirvana” scented candle.
    It smelled like Teen Spirit.
  • I went to the local store to buy candle holders but couldn’t find any.
    I just bought a cake instead.
  • Which parts of the fish were used to make the candle?
  • How did the candle give such incredible answers?
    He was enlightened.
  • Why did the candle score an F in math?
    Because it was a little light-headed.
  • Where did the candle family prefer to visit the most?
    The Wax Museum.
  • What’s the name of a fraud who works in a candle factory?
    A Scandle.
  • The weak candle flickered the whole night.
    It was going through a sick burn.
  • The manager at the local candle factory was arrested.
    He didn’t pay for his waxes.
  • She has a lot of pressure from her work not only candlelly but also physically.

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