24 Puzzle Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

A funny simple puzzle that reminds you of puns and jokes

There are so many funny puzzle puns and puzzle jokes out there that we had trouble picking the best ones! We were researching for hours laughing over and over, only to realize we had barely gotten any work done.

Hopefully you have as much fun with these as we did. The puzzle jokes are clever, and the puns are perfect for a quick smile.

  • People who are working on word puzzles should not be interrupted until it’s finished.
    Interrupting them might result in some cross words.
  • My Family: Your obsession about dot to dot puzzles is becoming worrying.
    Me: There’s nothing to worry about. I know where to draw the line.
  • Random guy: Nice costume. What are you? A jigsaw piece?
    Me: Yes.
    Random guy: And what are you doing outside here? The costume party is inside the house.
    Me: They refused to let me in. They said I don’t fit in.
  • A hairy puzzle is called a Pubik’s Cube.
  • Bartender: You seem so happy. Celebrating something?
    Woman: Actually, yes. I just finished a very daunting puzzle.
    Bartender: Oh really?
    Woman: (excitedly)Yeah! And the best part of it, I did it only in six months
    Bartender: Six months? That sounds like a lot of time to finish a puzzle.
    Woman: Not at all. On the box it said 2-4 years.
    If only someone could help me piece it together.
  • There’s nothing greater than a completed jigsaw puzzle. It’s just so piece-ful.
  • I always like writing puns and jokes about puzzles but I can’t seem to remember the last one I wrote.
  • I was excited when my daughter asked for a book recommendation. I told her that the perfect one just happened to be in our library! It has romance, drama, mystery, villains, heroes, loss, love, action, betrayal, and puzzles – it’s got everything you could want. She was so excited that she asked me for it.
    I obliged and gave her a dictionary.
  • Did you hear about the death of the person who invented the jigsaw puzzle?
    No. That sounds sad. May he rest in pieces.
  • How does a person who has fallen asleep on a jigsaw puzzle wake up?
    With a puzzled look.
  • Math puzzles are hard, and sometimes it’s not as straightforward of a decision to make. For instance, if the puzzle infringes on your civil liberties then should you complain?
    That would just cause more problems. It’s better to sue-doku.
  • Son: The guy at the retail store just sold me a fake number puzzle.
    Dad: Sounds like you have a pseudo-ku right there
  • Now that I have swallowed a puzzle piece, I can finally discover my inner piece.
  • Can puzzles really cut wood?
    Of course. All they need is a jigsaw.
  • Yesterday I got hit on the head with a jigsaw. I’m going to piece the evidence together until I find who it was.
  • There was a piece of a jigsaw in my room that I found and I have no clue where it came from. It’s becoming more of a puzzle now.
  • A man was casually reading a newspaper before he asked his wife, “There’s this crossword puzzle I’m trying to solve. Can you help me out?”
    Wife: Sure. Is there a clue?
    Husband: Yes. A Postman’s bag
    Wife: How many letters?
    Husband: Loads of them
  • A husband walked through their front door and he saw his wife sitting at the kitchen table in tears. He asked, “What’s wrong babe?”
    She said while still crying, “I’ve spent the whole day trying to solve this puzzle and I still haven’t made any progress. It’s supposed to resemble a tiger.”
    The husband takes one look at the box and tells his wife, “Honey, how about you put the frosted flakes back in the box.”
  • In order to pass time while recovering at the hospital, a patient indulged himself in solving crossword puzzles.
    One day he tells the doctor, “There’s a word in this crossword puzzle that I can’t seem to get. Can you please assist me? It’s a seven-letter word and there are three u’s in it”
    Bemused, the doctor replies, “I honestly don’t know that one, but it must be a very unusual word.”
  • Son: Dad, I’m trying to solve this anime puzzle.
    Dad: Oh yeah. How many puzzle pieces do you need?
    Son: One Piece.
  • One day, a man was traveling on a plane and he was seated next to a clergyman. The clergyman was trying to solve a crossword puzzle and seemed stuck on one word. The man was curious and he took a glance at the puzzle. He saw that the issue was a four-letter word for female and the last three letters were “unt”
    The man was really eager to assist the clergyman, but he was unwilling to say the answer out loud. Eventually, after contemplating for quite a while, the man tells the clergyman “aunt”. The clergyman thanks the man with a smile on his face before quickly erasing the answer he had written down.
  • Friend: Jesus can never complete more than half of a crossword puzzle
    Me: Why is that?
    Friend: He will get stuck on across.
  • My friend is going crazy after losing a puzzle piece for her 15,000 piece puzzle.
    Wait till she finds out that I’m missing 14,999 pieces.
  • Cyclops: Honey. I’m trying to solve this crossword puzzle and I think the answer for this one is “Hawaii” but I don’t really know how to spell it. Can you help me out?”
    Cyclop’s wife: Well, I think you need two ‘i’s for that one.”

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