31 Yellow Jokes & Puns That Are Actually Funny

The color yellow

Puns and jokes about yellow are more clever than you would think. It’s easy to assume that they would be a bit stupid or gross (and some definitely are), but there are plenty of others that require you to put your thinking cap on!

We had a lot of fun putting this list of yellow jokes and puns together. Give it a read and let us know which ones you like the most!

  • If buttercups are yellow, what color are the hiccups? They would be burple.
  • The real reason that yellow divorced red was because red blue green.
  • Did you know it makes me a taxidermist because I decorate the walls with stuffed yellow taxis?
  • What smells similar to red paint and is yellow? Of course, it’s yellow paint! 
  • A wannabee is a fly dressed in black and yellow.
  • Since my husband only ate the white jasmine rice and refused to eat the yellow vegetables and chicken, it is for sure because he is racist.
  • This thick, yellow, jelly-like material came out of the egg as I cracked it open. It must be a yolk.
  • Why did Sherlock Holmes request a yellow front door from his friend Watson?  Lemony Opening.
  • Recently I went on vacation to Oz and hired a car with a GPS. It just keeps telling me to follow the yellow brick road.
  • The yellow suspenders worn by firefighters serve what purpose? To keep his pant height the same.
  • I told my sister that the cheese that didn’t belong to her was “nacho cheese!” She was mad.
  • A lion’s throw up is yellow and smells like zebra.
  • Lemons use lemon-aide to assist them when they are injured.
  • The woman’s car got towed because she parked behind the yellow line.
  • What do minions find fascinating? Yellow bananas.
  • You never want to ingest yellow snow.
  • What is yellow and sits in a tree? A tweetie prostitute that sings, “cheap, cheap.”
  • Guess what is dangerous and yellow in color? Custard that is infested by sharks.
  • A grocery store delivered some golden yellow, ripe, and juicy mangoes to me. However, they sent me only green mangoes, so it was a raw deal.
  • There was a meltdown in the cheese factory today.
  • Did you know that a yellow bulldozer cannot swim?
  • Bananas are never lonely because they travel in bunches.
  • The banana went to the clinic today because it was peeling.
  • Why did the elephant apply yellow paint to its feet? So that it could hide in a custard bowl.
    Never witnessed an elephant in a custard bowl? That means it is working, clever animals.
  • Why did Elsa drop the snow? Because it was yellow.
  • When the phone rang “green green,” I pinked it up. “Yellow? Is this blue? Can you speak more clearly?I’ll call you black later because I can’t hear you purplerly.”
  • When I heard from a friend that all apples were yellow, I thought, “That’s bananas.”
  • The teacher was having fun with her students and asked them what the first letter was in the word yellow. The class shouted very excitedly, “Y.” The teacher responded to the kids saying, “Why? Because I want to know!”
  • Who would have thought that it was a woman who composed the famous song, “Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini.” What a man would have named the famous song would have been “Itsy-Bitsy, GIANT CRANK, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini.”
  • At a traffic light, two blonde girls stop at a red light. The first blonde says, “Check out that lovely shade of red! Perfect for lipstick. The second blonde agreed and then said, “Wow, that yellow is perfect for a sunny make-up look too!” The first blonde says, “Wow you are brilliant! But that green, it would look amazing on my hazel eyes, right?!” The second blonde says, “Well, look at that. The red light again, let’s go since we already saw all three.”
  • Every time it snowed, someone wrote “Tommy sucks” on the yellow snow outside of his front door. This made Tommy really mad. He ultimately sought assistance from a policeman he knew pretty well. The policeman looked it over and took pictures and samples. A few days later, the officer came back to Tommy and said, “The good news is that we now know that Phil, your best friend, was the source of the urine. The bad news is that it was written by Lillian, your wife.”

Did These Brighten Your Day?

We hope these yellow jokes and yellow puns brought a smile to your face. It was a blast collecting these, and we’ve been repeating some for a few days now. The color yellow is everywhere, so it’s easy to find an excuse to use one!

If you’re a hilarious color master who knows some other yellow puns and jokes that we should consider, send them to us! We get a lot of submissions and will often add the ones we like.