33+ Mime Jokes & Puns That Will Leave You Speechless

A funny mime sharing jokes and puns

Mime jokes and mime puns are absolutely hilarious. There are so many to choose from, because people have been telling them for many years!

This might have been our favorite list to put together. We’ve been repeating these mime jokes and puns constantly and think you’ll do the same once you’re done reading it! 

  • I have just been told my friend has been a part time mime for over 5 years.
    He must have kept that quiet.
  • I forgot to attend the dress rehearsal of a silent movie I’m supposed to act in.
    Mime mistake.
  • How can you know if your mime wife wants to divorce you?
    She will show you the door.
  • Why did they arrest the mime?
    He was the main suspect in an unspeakable crime.
  • My friend was given a job to judge mime talent contestants.
    It’s the quiet ones he has to look out for.
  • Why are pantomimes also called panto?
    The mime is silent.
  • I have never been fond of street entertainers, but I can only talk so much as a mime artist.
  • What’s the first rule of mime club?
    You don’t talk about mime club.
  • ”You just don’t have what it takes to be a mime”
    “What? Was it something I said?”
  • We never heard from our friend since she set off on her new career as a mime.
  • He strangled a mime artist,
    With a cordless phone.
  • I held an air guitar party.
    The mime living across the street came around to complain.
  • If a mime is locked inside a greenhouse,
    Will anyone know he needs help?
  • A mime in my campus was arrested by the police after breaking his right hand in a fight.
    However, he still has the right to remain silent.
  • Which disease do mimes fear the most?
    Gesticular cancer.
  • What did the mime tell the other mime?
  • His uncle was his army battalion’s mime during World War II.
    He doesn’t like to talk about it.
  • She was fired from her job as a mime today.
    She didn’t go quietly.
  • My brother told me I would be a great mime.
    I was speechless.
  • My parents recently filed for a divorce, and they’re both mimes.
    They just don’t communicate.
  • Our friend was kidnapped by a group of mimes.
    They did unspeakable things to him.
  • Each year, hundreds of kids are taken to mime school.
    Never to be heard from again.
  • ”Hey, I want to register for mime classes.”
    “Ah, say no more.”
  • Why are famous female mime artists so few?
    The glass ceiling.
  • The mime got kicked out of the library.
    Apparently, actions speak louder than words.
  • He wanted to be a mime artist.
    But he was awful at drawing mimes.
  • Did you hear they arrested the serial killer mime?
    He got off without a sentence.
  • Why was the mime hired by the mafia to do the dirty work?
    Because he won’t say a word when interrogated by the police.
  • Did you see the mime accident?
    It was an unspeakable horror.
  • A mime was fired yesterday.
    She was caught thinking outside the box at her workplace.
  • Why is the mime always sad?
    He has been suffering in silence for years.
  • Mime on mime violence has been going on for years.
    You just never hear about it.
  • A mime works at a zoo.
    One day, the zoo curator pulls him aside to have a chat. She tells him, “Eggo, our silverback gorilla, the main attraction here at the zoo, has sadly passed away. We can’t have the zoo losing revenue, so management is willing to hire you to dress up as a gorilla and pretend to be Eggo. You’ll be earning triple of what you’re making now.”

    The mime is excited about the deal and agrees to start the next day. At first, the mime is content with pretending to be Eggo, but after some few weeks, he becomes bored.

    He decides he’s going to give the audience a real show. He climbs on top of his enclosure and starts pounding his chest while swinging around, and the crowd loves it. Unfortunately, the mime slips and falls over the fence into the adjacent enclosure, which is a lion’s pen.

    The lion starts to charge at the mime and, at first, he keeps up the shtick, starts running away as if he’s a gorilla. However, the lion starts gaining on him and the mime can’t keep up the act and starts running as fast as he can. Eventually, the lion leaps on the mime and pins him down.

    At this moment, the mime gives up the whole act and starts yelling, “Help! Somebody? Help! Call the zookeepers!” The lion gets hold of him and goes, “Dude, what do you think you’re doing? You’re gonna get us fired.”

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We’ve been revisiting this list of mime jokes and mime puns ever since we created it. We just can’t get enough!

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