45 Rocket Puns & Jokes That Will Send You Into Orbit

A rocket illustration that makes people think of rocket puns and jokes

Rocket puns and rocket jokes are some of our favorites. They offer such straightforward imagery that the humor always shines through!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a space nerd or an accountant, this list of rocket jokes and puns will certainly make you laugh.


  • My friend bought some rocket salad the other day.
    It went off before she could eat it.
  • The rocket scientists were able to identify the problem with the mission launch.
    It was a case of projectile dysfunction.
  • My friend started his clothing line this week.
    He regrets setting up the rocket near the washing.
  • Why was the cow in the rocket?
    He was going to the moooon.
  • Where do people leave their rockets while in space?
    On a parking meteor.
  • Why was it named a rocket ship instead of a boat?
    Because if it was a boat, you would not rock it.
  • Why are rocket scientists so fond of Ford crossovers?
    Because they will always be at Escape velocity
  • Which T-shirt did the rocket wear?
  • What’s the name of a robot that alters the direction of a rocket?
    R2 Detour.
  • My dad used to wonder if Elton John fancied lettuce, then he realized he is more of a rocket man.
  • My friend brought me a large rocket for bonfire night.
    I was over the moon.
  • She tried to make a joke about a rocket-powered snowboard.
    It went downhill fast.
  • What’s the name of rockets shooting out of someone’s feet?
    Missile Toes.
  • Why did the mother rocket send her baby rocket to his room?
    She did not like his attitude.
  • He launched the rocket into outer space for it to collide with an asteroid.
    That must’ve been interpherence.
  • What’s the name of rocket traffic?
    Space Jam.
  • I found my neighbor trying to attach a rocket engine to a deer. I quickly called the police.
    Shame on her for trying to make a quick buck.
  • I couldn’t stop thinking about rocket engines.
    They were so uplifting.
  • He was really keen on watching the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches.
    I guess you could say he has been watching them like a hawk.
  • What do astronauts use rocket fuel for?
    To get high.
  • Rocket Raccoon would be really expensive to take care of.
    Would probably cost an arm and a leg.
  • What does a kleptomaniac have in common with a solid rocket booster?
    Poor impulse control.
  • Turn-based launched their new game of rocket launchers.
    It’s the RPG RPG.
  • The United States offered North Korea transparent rockets as part of the ongoing efforts for peace.
    Kim Jong Un now has new clear weapons.
  • Why didn’t the rocket launch?
    It had thrust issues.
  • Why did the rocket scientist halt his project?
    She had no comet-ment.
  • Why was the baker more wealthy than the rocket scientist or the surgeon?
    Because he was the only person making the dough
  • I heard NASA was experimenting with rockets without engines.
    The idea never really took off.
  • What’s the name of the rocket that the acrobat used to shoot down the plane?
    A Circus to Air Missile.
  • We tried putting up a badminton net in science class today, but nobody seemed to know how. It’s not like it’s rocket science.
    It’s Racket science.
  • If Bill Gates and Elon Musk were to design a rocket together.
    Then it’s possible to say that the design will be ElonGated.
  • Dad: Did you enjoy the rocket with the salad?
    Me: Yes. It gave a nice boost.
  • Most people are like rockets.
    They don’t work until their tails are on fire.
  • My friend did a project on the history of rocket science.
    It was a blast in the past.
  • I don’t like rocket jokes.
    They always go over my head.
  • ” Back then, we had to fly bombs to the target. They never rode on these fancy rockets.”
    Okay, bomber.
  • Why aren’t NASA’s Apollo rockets named with letters?
    Because if the crew of Apollo F was involved in an accident, they would have to make an Apollo G.
  • How can you make a small fortune in the rocket industry?
    Use a trampoline.
  • How did he get the baby alien to sleep?
    He rocket.
  • Where are uncategorized rocket items filed?
    Under missile-enious.
  • I told my friend that my DIY liquid rocket made it to space.
    She told me to stop being hypergolic.
  • The army invented a rocket that consumes incoming warheads.
    It is a cannibalistic missile.
  • How does NASA organize its rocket launches?
    They planet.
  • Two Iraqi soldiers were on patrol when they found a couple of American rockets.
    Soldier 1: They haven’t blown up yet. Let’s carry them and take them back to the base.
    Soldier 2: What if one of them blows up on our way back?
    Soldier 1: No problem. We’ll tell them we only found one.

Did You Have A Blast With These?

We hope you had a great time reading these rocket puns and rocket jokes. We’ve revisited this list a number of times for a quick chuckle, and plan on continuing to do so!

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