37 Funny Circus Puns & Jokes For Endless Entertainment

A circus where people are telling puns and jokes

We’ve loved telling circus puns and circus jokes forever. There’s something about them that’s always funny!

Putting this list of circus jokes and puns together was extremely fun, and we’re excited to finally share them with you.

  • I heard about a clown who ran away with the circus.
    They made him bring it back.
  • The lady got a steady job.
    She is a tightrope walker in a circus.
  • Why do circus performers usually have stress?
    Because their work is in tents.
  • My friend used to work as a trapeze artist until she was let go.
  • The clown decided to leave the cheese circus.
    She said she could not get her Stilton.
  • Some useful information on how to kill a circus.
    Go straight for the juggler.
  • My friend is a specialist in making clown shoes.
    It is no small feat.
  • What material is used to make a clown costume?
    Poly Jester.
  • My friend, who is a clown, performs on stilts.
    I always look up to him.
  • The clown held the door for him the other day.
    It was such a nice jester.
  • He was surrounded by pickled vegetables in jars.
    It was like a Piccalilli Circus.
  • We saw a group of pheasants and partridges dressed as clowns.
    We thought, “They are game for a laugh.”
  • I met my girlfriend on the net.
    We were both awful at trapeze.
  • A friend of mine worked in a circus where he performed the human cannonball act. When he retired, they never replaced him.
    They just couldn’t find someone of the same caliber.
  • What is the hardest thing about joining a circus?
    You are made to jump through all sorts of hoops.
  • Why did the clown wear loud socks?
    To stop his feet from falling asleep.
  • The clown was fired from the circus.
    He is suing for funfair dismissal.
  • The all-vegetable circus came to the city the other day.
    I heard their clown act was corny
  • I took my kid to the traveling circus and told him to keep his focus on the biggest pole.
    Because that is the center of the tent, son.
  • Who did the circus performers and X-Men call to lift their big vehicles?
    Huge jack men.
  • Why did the squirrels quit the circus?
    They didn’t like to work for peanuts.
  • He finally left his job at the circus where he was part of the human pyramid.
    It was a huge weight off his shoulders.
  • We feel sorry for our circus friend, the human cannonball.
    She just got fired.
  • Our friend is an unemployed circus clown. We call her Pennywise.
    Her career is in the gutter.
  • What’s the name of a person who eats circus workers?
    A carny-vore.
  • What’s the name of an elephant that the circus no longer needs?
  • I saw two fire breathers arguing at the circus the other day.
    They must have been having a heated discussion.
  • A midget touched his girlfriend’s boob at the circus.
    He thinks someone put him up to it, though
  • What’s the name of a dog in a circus?
    A carnival barker
  • He used to laugh at the circus.
    But then he realized he had been cream-pied by the clowns too.
  • Which type of fish belongs in a circus?
  • Why was the clown denied a job at the circus?
    He just was not IT.
  • Did you hear about the woman who killed someone at the circus?
    She was charged with murder with-in tent
  • There was a summer I spent circumcising elephants at the circus.
    The pay was not that good, but the tips were enormous.
  • A man was auditioning for a circus.
    The interviewer asked, “So, what is your talent?”

    The man replied, “I can imitate birds.”

    “I’m really sorry. That is not the type of thing we are looking for at the moment.”

    “It’s okay. Thank you for the chance anyway,” said the man as he few out of the window.
  • An elephant escaped from the circus.

    It wandered around until it ended up in an old lady’s garden and started eating vegetables. The old lady had never seen an elephant before nor did she know what it was. Upon seeing it, she was terrified and immediately called the authorities.

    Operator: Hello, what is your emergency?
    Old lady: There is some kind of huge animal that is ripping out all my cabbages using its tail.
    Operator: Alright. Where is it putting the cabbages?
    Old lady: If I tell you, you will not believe me.
  • The circus advertised a new act, “Pig That Can Speak French.”

    The trainer walked onto the stage, one hand holding a small pig with a green ribbon while the other held a wooden mallet.

    “Parlez-vous français?” asks the trainer and then proceeds to hit the pig with the mallet.

    The pig: “Ouiii”

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