24 Time Travel Jokes & Puns That Are Actually Funny

A time traveler thinking about jokes

There are so many funny time travel jokes and puns that it was hard to know where to begin when putting this list together. But after some time and effort, we made it happen!

Give it a read and let us know which ones make you laugh the most!

  • The note on the classroom door stated that time travel class starts at 1930.
  • That joke that I heard about tomorrow, was a time travel one. 
  • The next meeting of the community time travel group has been put off until last month.
  • I am pleased to report that I received the award for “Class of 2065, most likely to travel in time.”
  • I intended to make a joke about traveling through time, but nobody laughed.
  • I used to be obsessed with traveling through time, but that is now all history.
  • Very close friends with the other people in my club who travel through time and we go back many, many years. 
  • The air was tense when the past, present, and future walked into the bar. 
  • “Many apologies but we certainly do not serve time travelers here,” the bartender says. A time traveler enters a pub.
  • The time traveler goes back four seconds because he was starving. 
  • Did you know that tomatoes are really time travelers? They have worm holes. 
  • A bounty hunter that is best known for time travel is the Mandelorian. 
  • What do you call a machine that is able to produce futuristic herbs? A thyme machine. 
  • You didn’t like my time travel joke before. 
  • A time machine was built by a procrastinator. Actually, not yet, but he intends to begin last week.
  • I’m selling a time machine. Please contact me two weeks ago if interested.
  • The worst way to learn I’m adopted is that I invented time travel and killed my grandfather to see if I wouldn’t be born.
  • When he inquired about my status as a time traveler, I replied, “Not right now.”
  • You can travel back in time! The United States of America has just gone back 50 years!
  • Cutlery is not able to time travel. The reason being is they are not called silverwhen, they are called silverware. 
  • A strange man that came out of a time machine punched me in the face when I was a young boy. I’m finally going to be able to create my own time machine, so I’m going to go back to when he was a young boy to punch him and see how he reacts.
  • When an overweight time traveler arrives in ancient Rome, he discovers that he was dressed incorrectly for the occasion. As a result, he shops for new clothes at a toga shop. He looks around and sees that they don’t have any togas that are big enough for him. He inquires of the employee at the counter, “Do you happen to have the size XL in togas?” The employee responds, “Well, yes. However, why do you require so many?”
  • “Apologies, but we do not serve time travelers in this very pub,” the owner declares. Time moves on. The owner eventually ages and passes away. Then, his children grew old and followed suit. The city is demolished due to time and war, and new cities are built on top of the old ones, then fall apart too. The earth takes back the human body as it ages and reclaims its bones. The cracked land, where the few traces of life remain, is only a pallid shade of red when the sun expends its energy. “Well shoot, I definitely overshot the punchline on this one,” The time traveler states as he looks around at the empty, lonesome landscape.
  • In lieu of attempting to kill Adolf Hitler and disrupting the timeline, a time traveler meets Hitler in a bar and decides to have a drink with him. Hitler was confronted by the time traveler, who inquired, “How is it going? How are you?” “Pretty awful, I just got kicked out of art school,” she replied. “Well, that’s bad, but you’ll probably get up eventually,” replied Hitler.  “You’re correct, but you want to know what I detest?” The time traveler stated. “My wild assumption would be the Jews correct?” Hitler asked.  The time traveler then replied, “Well, now that you’ve brought it up…”

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