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  • When you marry a router, what does the minister say? Now I call you a man and wifi.
  • I despise planes without free WiFi. It turns me into a bored airliner.
  • I imagine that one day we will have access to a wifi hotspot on Mt. Everest. We won’t reach internet peak until then.
  • My friend’s fever and rashes created a nice elevated WiFi hot spot for him. 
  • My friend set her WiFi password as milkytea. The server told her it was too weak. 
  • Guess what Forrest Gump’s password was? OneForestOne. 
  • Did you ever wonder why churches do not provide WiFi access? It’s because they know that WiFi is an invisible power that does its job and works.
  • The quickest way to call a family meeting has just come to my attention. I simply waited in the room where the wifi router was and turned it off.
  • The union of two wifi data engineers was a great time. They had great reception.
  • While I attempted to use the restaurant’s WiFi, I accidentally spilled my soup on my laptop, which created a wireless hotpot. 
  • I thought I was slick when I made my WiFi password, “Hack if smart enough”, when my internet was installed.Two days ago, it was changed to, “Smart Enough.”
  • Dan decided to visit Kris from Norway. Dan was from America. Dan and Kris met playing video games online and became very close. Dan hops on a plane and meets up with Kris. Kris shows him around Norway and then brings him to his home. Dan gets out and thinks about how beautiful Kris’s home is. Once settled inside, Dan asked Kris if he could use his WiFi. Kris seemed a bit puzzled at first but then replied, “Of course you can, man, she is upstairs in the bedroom on the left.” 
  • I was in the library today. The person next to me was working on their laptop. I quietly leaned over and asked them what the WiFi password was. They turned and said, “shhhhhh.” So, I asked them if it was lowercase, uppercase, and how many H’s were present. 
  • Check out this text message my old neighbor received from his neighbor next door.
    “Hey man, look, let me start off by apologizing first. I need to get this off my chest. I have shared your wife with you without your knowledge, all times of the day, primarily when you are not present.I have abused your wife in your apartment, right under your nose, as well as in my bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Additionally, I must confess that I abuse your wife more than you do. Because I feel so bad about it, I thought I should tell you, and I will never do it again. I feel way too guilty.”
    My neighbor killed his wife so dang fast because he was so upset and acted in a rage.
    Next thing you know, the neighbor that texted him sent a second text message a few minutes later saying how sorry he was for his stupid spelling error. He meant WiFi, not wife. 
  • A woman in the park sees a daycare teacher sleeping on the bench, while a group of kids are playing on their phones in a sandbox. She panics and runs up to her and tries to wake her up. The woman yells while shaking the teacher, “Hey you! You need to get up! These kids are unattended and will run away!” The teacher looks at the woman and says, “Mam, you have nothing to worry about. They don’t have Wifi anywhere but here. They won’t be leaving any time soon.”
  • When chatting with the bartender, I asked him what the WiFi password was. He said, “Buy a drink.” So I checked out the beer menu and ordered a simple Miller Lite. After he handed me my beer, I asked him again for the WiFi password. He said, “Buy a drink.” I said, “Well, dang man, I just bought one. Let me finish it right quick!” He then told me it was, “buy a drink. no spaces, no uppercase, all lower case.”

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