31 Exam & Test Jokes That Aren’t Too Intimidating

Students taking exams and tests

Test and exam jokes are always good, because everyone has had to endure these at some point. It doesn’t matter how much school you’ve been subjected to, tests are there.

This list of test jokes will give you some humor to inject into those traumatic memories.

  • I couldn’t pass, so I ended up failing the football exams.
  • The only exams that witches have to do are spelling exams.
  • My pirate friend was thrilled to have passed the exams with high Cs.
  • I was thrilled that I passed the sound engineering exams with scores of 1-2-1-2.
  • The only animal that never studies and never gets nervous is the cheetah.
  • For environmental science, the teacher gave me an F on the last test. I should have gotten an A, I put my paper in the recycling bin when I was done.
  • Vampires are the best to help prepare phlebotomists for their blood exams.
  • I didn’t do well in my exam on Greek mythology. It’s the subject that has always been my Achilles elbow. 
  • I knew I was never meant to be a psychic. I never saw it coming that I would fail the exam.
  • The cosmetology student was made to retake her final exam. It was the make-up portion.
  • When you need to prepare for a pest control exam, the best way to cram is by staying up all night swatting it.
  • When magicians have to study the night before an exam, all they need to do is say abra-cram-dabra.
  • The carpenter got his certificate by taking the board exam.
  • I thought it would be a good idea to take the exam in the grocery store since they are always telling me how the customer is always right. 
  • I knew that using my lucky pencil was a great idea when I got the results of my exam back. That A was meant 2B.
  • The teacher pointed me out to the class and said she hoped she didn’t just see me looking over at my neighbor’s exam paper. I told her I hoped she hadn’t either. 
  • I was so stressed before the exam that I broke down and messaged my ex. I asked if he could help me out with some tips on cheating. 
  • My teacher asked me what nation I thought people hated the most. I replied exami-nation.
  • I had the feeling that there would be an exam today when my stomach started feeling quizzy on the way to school.
  • I realized that the calculator was broken halfway through the exam. It was frustrating and proved that I can’t count on anyone anymore.
  • The student took an exam and, when asked what plagiarism was, simply copied the answer off of the paper of the kid sitting next to him.
  • I took the tree surgeon exam and realized that this was not a profession for me since I was totally stumped.
  • I sat between the twins in my class for the exam and then failed it. I was disappointed that I couldn’t differentiate between them.
  • I was fired from my position as an exam grader, but it was for the best, even though I always give 100%.
  • The student was even incredibly nervous about passing his math exams. It was made even more obvious when he said he thought he had a 40-40 chance of passing.
  • The department of history decreed that all students would be getting the same grade that they got in the exams last year. 
  • I was so nervous when it came time to take the fireworks exam, but luckily I ended up passing with flying colors.
  • I ended up taking a kleptomania exam. Even though it wasn’t mine, I just took it anyway.
  • The police officer was administering an exam to the recruit and asked what would happen if the recruit had to arrest his own mother. The recruit said he would definitely be calling for backup.
  • Does anyone else find the way our brains function amazing? We are born with our brains working 24/7 and they only ever stop when you have to perform well on an exam.
  • My friend was so thrilled that he was going to be a father. I asked him when he was due, and he explained that he had only passed the priest entry exam and wasn’t sure yet.
  • The student was called up to speak to her teacher after an exam, and the teacher said she should finish it. She only answered 1,3,5,7 and 9. The student said she was finished because she literally can’t even.

Did These Pass?

Now that you’ve seen all of the best test jokes and exam jokes around, it’s your responsibility to start telling these to others. The world needs more cheer!

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