49 Funny Tractor Jokes & Puns You Absolutely Need To See

Tractor in a field

Funny tractor jokes and tractor puns never get boring. There’s just something about them that keeps you coming back for more!

Take a look at these and let us know what you think. We had a great time putting this list together!

  • I thought my neighbor was a magician when his tractor turned into a field.
  • What do you do when an old tractor’s wheels fall off? Retire it.
  • How can you tell you have a magic tractor? It can turn into a field.
  • What did the farmer say after losing his tractor? I think I have a gambling problem.
  • What’s big, red in color, and would kill you if it fell from a tree? A tractor.
  • How can you get a farmer to like you? Try to a tractor.
  • What do you call a reality show for farmers? X-Tractor.
  • What is green and deadly if it gets stuck in your teeth? A tractor.
  • What do all farmers have in common? They’re pro tractor.
  • What did the criminal tell the farmer after stealing his tractor? Sorry, you’ve been cropped.
  • How did the farmer make his crop circles perfectly round? A protractor.
  • When is a tractor no longer a tractor? When it turns into a barn.
  • Did you see the new movie Tractor? No? What about the trailer?
  • What do you call someone who loves tractors? Protractors.
  • A farmer rode past my house, yelling about the end of the world. I guess it was Farmer Geddon.
  • What do you call a tractor waiting for pedestrians to cross the street? A crop yield.
  • What did the farmer say after his tractor broke down? That’s the last straw.
  • My boss asked me to look at pictures of his new tractor. I told him that’s not really my field.
  • I used to love tractors, but I don’t like them as much anymore. You can call me an extractor fan.
  • What’s louder than a tractor? 2 tractors.
  • Have you heard about the new tractor movie? It’s got a great trailer.
  • How did the family find their missing cow? They tractor down.
  • What do you call a robot that can turn into a tractor? A transfarmer.
  • What do you call a tractor that sells medicine? A farm assist.
  • Why was the cow upset with the tractor after the race? He was moooving faster than him.
  • What does an alien use to harvest their crops? Tractor beams.
  • What did the tractor say to the bicycle? I’m kind of a big wheel around here.
  • What do you call a farmer whose tractor dies while harvesting? Someone who’s outstanding in his field.
  • What do you call a beautiful tractor? A tractor.
  • Why did the farmer bring spools of thread on his tractor rides? He heard it was a sowing machine.
  • My dad traded our tractor for a bunch of seagulls. He’s so gull-able.
  • What do you call a tractor that turns into a field? A magic tractor.
  • What does a farmer say when he loses his tractor? Hey, where’s my tractor?
  • What do you call someone who hates tractors? An extractor fan.
  • What do you call a farmer who owns a bunch of tractors? A protractor.
  • My friend’s wife left him for a tractor salesman. She sent him a John Deere letter.
  • Did you hear what the tractor tire said to the bicycle tire? I’m a pretty big wheel.
  • Did you hear about the party they threw at the tractor-trailer weigh station? It was a large scale celebration.
  • What do you call a farmer who trades his tractor for a seagull? Gull-able.
  • Why couldn’t the dolphin get in the house? He was driving a tractor.
  • My dad asked me if I had seen the new movie “tractor.” I said, “no, but I’ve seen the trailer.”
  • Why was the tractor taking college classes? He wanted to become a farm assist.
  • How did the farmer find his missing dog? He tractor down.
  • I just purchased a new ant farm, but I’m not sure where to find a tractor that small.
  • I’ve never driven a tractor before. So, I was confused when my teacher handed me a protractor.
  • Have you heard of the farmer who rides his tractor screaming about the end of the world? His name’s Farmer Geddon.
  • How do farmers in space handle their cattle? A tractor beam.

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