23 Funny Engineer Jokes, Puns & One-Liners (Updated)

An engineer trying to work while thinking of engineering jokes and puns

Engineer jokes, puns, and one-liners are great because of their versatility. You can go with a nerdy angle or just be a bit silly!

We really enjoyed making this list and have referenced a number of these jokes since we put it together. You’d be surprised how addicting they are!

  • An engineer that works on robots every day is never lonely. Why? Because they are constantly making new friends.
  • Why was it hard for the train conductor to remember how many times the train had derailed over the years? Because it’s hard to keep track.
  • How did the software engineer end up bankrupt so quickly? Because they used up all of their cache.
  • What was the cause of the electron’s upset stomach? It was spinning too much.
  • What is the best way to get an engineer to do something they don’t really want to do? Tell them that it’s impossible to do that thing.
  • What makes power naps so positive? You can really build up a good charge with a power nap.
  • What can you give as a gift to an engineer for their birthday? Shorts!
  • I used the wrong pencil in my calculations for a new engineering project at work today. It just wasn’t 2B I guess.
  • An electrical engineer was working on the power box for the apartment today and he was shocked. I bet that hertz a lot!
  • What do you call crockery that has pictures of computer engineers drinking gin? Tech-tonic plates!
  • I had an engineering exam yesterday and my calculator quit working halfway through. I think it’s time for a new one. I just can’t count on the old one anymore.
  • What is considered a passing grade in sound engineering? 1-2-1-2.
  • What are the 10 types of developers in the world? The ones that understand binary and the ones who do not.
  • What do you call an airplane made from bubbly chocolate? An Aeroplane!
  • How do engineers change a broken light bulb? They don’t change broken light bulbs at all. That is a hardware issue.
  • How do you describe an engineer? They are a person that solves problems that you didn’t even know you had in a way that nobody else can understand.
  • What is the easiest way to make an engineer lose their mind? Fold a road map the wrong way while they are watching.
  • Two engineers are having a discussion in the break room. The first engineer says to the second “I’ll bet you my chocolate pudding that you can’t name two structures that can hold water.” The second engineer smiles and confidently says “Well, dam!”
  • I was trying to solve a bug in the code at work today but couldn’t make sense of it at all. I sent the original engineer a message and asked them if they could assist, to which they replied, “Sorry bud, there were only two people who knew how that code worked when I made it, myself and God, and I’ve since forgotten.”
  • A couple of atoms were walking home from the movie theater when one turned to the other and said “Oh no, we need to go back. I lost an electron along the way.”
    “Are you sure,” replied the second atom?
    “Yeah, I’m positive,” answered the first atom.
  • Three friends are at a target range trying to use a cannon to hit a target that is four hundred feet away.
    The first, a physicist, boasts loudly about how easy this will be. He calculates the distance and angle and fires the cannon, but misses the target by falling a hundred feet short.
    The second friend, an engineer, laughs and tells his physicist friend that he forgot to account for imperfections. He makes some adjustments and fires his shot but misses the target by going one hundred feet too far.
    The third friend laughs at both of his friends and proclaims “Nicely done, we hit it!”
  • I overheard a customer and a sales associate having a conversation at the hardware store today.
    The customer asked the sales associate if they had any two watt or four volt light bulbs.
    The sales associate asked “For what?”
    The customer said “No, two.”
    The sales associate, now confused, asked “Two what?”
    The customer, now equally confused, responded with “Yes.”
    The sales associate shrugged and said “No.”

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