39 Printer Puns & Jokes That Will Always Make You Laugh

A printer printing out a sheet of puns and jokes

Although it might surprise you, there are a bunch of hilarious printer puns and printer jokes out there. We weren’t sure what to expect when we started putting this list together, but we’re thrilled with the end result!

Read through these and save any that you particularly like. You never know when you’ll want to use them in the future!

  • My friend made the front page of the local newspaper.
    She is the printer.
  • Our friend showed us his new, expensive 3D printer. It can print anything.
    So we told him to print a 3D printer.
  • He wanted to make more money.
    Unfortunately, his printer ran out of ink.
  • He used his printer to put jokes on labels of oxo cubes.
    It was becoming a laughing stock.
  • How can you convert a 3D printer into a 4D printer?
    You just give it time.
  • The printer has been producing music the whole day.
    The paper must be jamming.
  • I keep seeing webcams, scanners, and printers out of the corner of my eye.
    It is my peripheral vision.
  • When he was at school, he used to put invisible ink in the printer when printing a math question.
    He could not see what the problem was.
  • My dad bought a HP printer yesterday.
    The ink is a little bit funny, but it tastes great on a bacon sandwich.
  • I was a bit surprised when they gave me a free printer when I bought a computer.
    He is called Stephen, and he has worked in the newspaper industry for over a decade.
  • What did the printer yell after all the paper ran out?
    Oh, sheet.
  • The new clever printer printed the selfie she took in ultraviolet ink.
    People now see her in a different light.
  • She left her muffin on the desk as she went to the printer.
    When she returned, it was scone.
  • I put paper in the printer the other day and it kept showing a message that said, “I just can’t get enough.”
    Turns out it was in Depeche Mode.
  • My friend could not understand why I was sad when my cheap reproduction printer became obsolete.
    I told him that it was like a brother to me.
  • The printer said it wanted to join a band.
    It made total sense.
    It loves to jam.
  • What happened to the printer that performed miracles?
    It got Canonized.
  • The printer died under suspicious circumstances.
    Epson did not kill itself.
  • What kind of printers are used on board the Enterprise?
    Hewlett Pickards.
  • I wanted to make a joke about the dollar printer.
    I couldn’t, though. It didn’t make any cents.
  • I cannot trust people who use large format printers.
    They are always plotting something.
  • Why did the printer refuse to print the fake news?
    Because he didn’t have the fax.
  • My opticians sent me a letter, but I am concerned about their printer.
    Either it is failing or they used a blurry font.
  • Which type of printer do pigs use?
    An oinkjet printer
  • What did the older printer tell the younger printer?
    Do not use that toner on me.
  • Manager: How come my new printer does not work in Linux?
    IT Guy: You need the right driver.
    Manager: Well, my chauffeur is right outside.
  • Which printer settings did Jorah Mormont prefer the most?
  • Which kind of hunting do printers prefer?
  • What did Snow White say after the printer jammed?
    My prints will come one day.
  • The man was laid off for stealing printer cartridges.
    He was caught magenta handed.
  • The multifunction printer broke down in the office the other day.
    No fax was given that day.
  • Why was there wet ink in the printer?
    Because it could not control the P.
  • What do printer ink and horror movies have in common?
    The black one always dies first.
  • What happened to the printer salesperson who dreamed about selling a brand new type of ink?
    She woke up and realized it was all a pigment of her imagination.
  • My friend says his 3D printer can print a gun. I’m not very impressed.
    I have had a Canon printer for over a decade.
  • Why were the counterfeiters looking for a brand new copier?
    They wanted to acquire one that was in mint condition.
  • Why do printers go to the gym?
    To get toner.
  • The man walked into a printer shop and demanded that they print for him a book with pages 40 feet long and 2 feet wide.

    Printer: What’s the purpose of the long pages?

    Man: It’s a long story.
  • The man’s printer was printing more and more faintly, so he decided to call the repair shop.

    A young man answered the phone and told him, “You can bring it in for cleaning, but that will cost you $50. Therefore, it might be prudent to just read the manual and try fixing it yourself.”

    Surprised by the answer he had just got, the man said, “Thank you, young man. Does your boss know you are pushing away customers?”

    The young man replies, “Actually, it is his idea. He tells me if we allow people to try and fix the printers themselves, we’ll end up making even more money.”

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We hope you had a great time reading these printer puns and printer jokes. Some of these are downright hysterical, and we’ve been finding an excuse to visit the office we don’t have as an excuse to use them!

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