51+ Bug Puns & Jokes That Will Actually Make You Laugh

Green bug crawling on a leaf

Bug puns and bug jokes can be used whenever you want, because these pesky little critters are everywhere! So while you’re frustrated and swatting them away, think of these little humorous nuggets to cheer you up!

We think you’ll enjoy this list of bug puns, jokes, and one-liners. We sure did!

  • My friend failed his Wasp Identification Exam yesterday.
    She got a bee.
  • Why was the butterfly not allowed into the dance?
    It was a moth-ball.
  • She was excited when she won the fancy dress competition dressed as a bee.
    She is still buzzing.
  • There were some flies playing soccer in a saucer earlier.
    They’re hoping to be in the cup next week.
  • Two beetles are born as sisters. One travels around the globe making friends and being an inspiration to bugs.
    The other doesn’t. She was the lesser of the two weevils.
  • Insect jokes always bug me.
  • What do you call a rabbit that has beetles all over it?
    Bugs bunny.
  • What’s the name of a bug with a perm?
    A frisbee.
  • The man complained to his landlord about the ten insects that were bugging him.
    The landlord told him that it was the previous ten-ant’s fault.
  • I watched a great film about a very big insect.
    It was XL-ant.
  • We saw an insect with a pack of cards the other day.
    Ant & Deck.
  • Which bug was most valued by the Soviet Union?
    The Cagey Bee.
  • Being an ant is very confusing.
    Because all the uncles are also ants.
  • I can never understand how bees manage to live in a colony.
    It’s bee-yond comprehension.
  • Which bug is smarter than a talking parrot?
    A spelling bee.
  • How did the flea travel?
    She itch-hiked.
  • There is a restaurant that was opened recently specifically for frogs.
    The main dish was French flies and honey.
  • The wasp team could not believe that the bees won the championship.
    It was unbee-lievable that such a weak team made it to the finals.
  • In case you come across a bug, flea before it bites you.
  • Which bug is on the ground, but still a hundred feet in the air?
    A centipede lying on its back.
  • Which bug is the hardest to understand?
    The mumble-bee.
  • Why was the spider arrested by the police?
    He put a bug in the world wide web.
  • There was a rumor about a giant butterfly in London.
    It was probably an urban moth.
  • My friend decided to develop an exercise routine for bugs. It hasn’t been going that well.
    I guess he has to work out the bugs.
  • My nephew wants me to tell him some insect puns.
    I hope that they don’t fly over his head.
  • What’s the name of an insect on the moon?
    A lunar tick.
  • My brother is an artist. He usually sketches pesky insects and doesn’t take a bath often.
    He draws a lot of flies and gnats.
  • The man opened a nightclub and hired some small bugs to prevent shady people from entering.
    The bugs were his deter ants.
  • My friend works for the CIA. He was recently deployed to Libya, where he found dead insects all over the floor.
    He was sweeping for bugs the whole day.
  • Our boss recently hired a scientist that specializes in small bugs.
    You can say he’s an expert on fine ants.
  • The house was filled with insects that helped in filing taxes.
    They must’ve been account-ants
  • My friend used to crossbreed insects.
    I enjoyed his company at first but soon got bored of his ant-ticks.
  • How did the bee brush his hair?
    Using a honeycomb.
  • What’s the name of the city where all the ants in the world live?
    Atlantic City.
  • I told my friend to choose a parasitic insect egg for me to eat.
    He refused because he hates nit picking.
  • Why was the insect carrying a bottle of air freshener?
    It was a deodor-ant.
  • Why did the teacher dislike insect puns?
    He found them to bee irritating
  • What’s common between baseball players and spiders?
    They both catch flies.
  • How did the bees get to school?
    On the school buzz
  • What did the firefly eat between meals?
    Light snacks.
  • What’s the name of a bug that is good at everything?
    A slaying mantis.
  • How did the spider locate his new home?
    Through web browsing.
  • Which insect is bad at soccer?
    A fumblebee.
  • Why do frogs remain so happy?
    Because they eat whatever is bugging them.
  • Why are there few insects living on military bases?
    Because of the no-fly zones.
  • Why did the blood-sucking bug learn Latin?
    He wanted to be Roman-tick.
  • I told my dad that I required a bug to prove my innocence in court.
    He told me that I should use an Aphid David.
  • Which social media app is used by parasites and insects?
    Tick Talk.

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