47 Funny Tooth Puns & Jokes That’ll Make You Cackle

A tooth illustration to help people think of tooth puns and jokes

Tooth puns and tooth jokes can be exactly what you need. Whether you’re dreading a trip to the dentist or brushing your teeth at night, there’s never a bad time to use these!

Take a look at the teeth puns, jokes, and one-liners we’ve put together below. You’ll definitely be using at least a few of them!

  • I never realized my nephew had a false tooth until it came out in conversation.
  • Why did the King visit the dentist?
    To have his teeth crowned.
  • My friend, who is a vampire, gave up acting because she could not find a role she could get her teeth into.
  • There’s an elderly vampire that I know.
    She’s quite long in the tooth.
  • What’s the name of a dinosaur that looks after its teeth?
    A floss-o-raptor.
  • Who gives teeth presents during Christmas?
    Santa Floss.
  • My dentist doesn’t have the relevant expertise.
    The tooth hurts.
  • Why are they called dental x-rays instead of tooth pics?
  • How do you prevent your mouth from freezing in the snow?
    Grit your teeth.
  • Why did the rapper opt for gold teeth?
    He put his money where his mouth is.
  • Why do people say The Tooth Fairy instead of The Grin Reaper.
  • Why did the two teeth decide to get married?
    Because they fell in love at first bite.
  • What did the sweet tooth tell the chocolate comedian?
    Your jokes are cracking me up.
  • What did the dentist tell the doughnut?
    You need a filling.
  • What did the girl tell the dentist after being asked what kind of filling she would prefer?
    A chocolate one, please.
  • He chipped a tooth earlier.
    We have no clue how it ended up on the golf course.
  • Our neighbor is addicted to eating sofas.
    He has a suite tooth.
  • How did the tooth fairy patch up her broken wand?
    Using toothpaste.
  • Why was the deer told to wear braces?
    Because she had buck teeth.
  • What’s the name of a bear with no teeth?
    A gummy bear.
  • What was the dentist’s favorite animal?
    A molar bear.
  • My friend had a very successful round of golf. He then went to get his teeth checked at the dentist.
    He got a hole in one.
  • What was the elephant with the toothache given?
    Plenty of room.
  • The dad told his daughter, “Go brush your teeth with your brother.”
    The daughter replied, “Shouldn’t I use a toothbrush?”
  • My friend lost all his teeth.
    It must really suck.
  • My daughter did not want to tell me that her tooth was loose.
    I had to pull it out of her.
  • His dentist removed the wrong tooth.
    It was accidental.
  • As I was carelessly putting up some shelving, it fell on me and chipped my tooth.
    I’m really annoyed at my shelf.
  • What did the tiger eat after his tooth was fixed by the dentist?
    The dentist.
  • What’s the name of George Washington’s false teeth?
  • The toothless termite walks into a tavern.
    She asks, “Is the bar tender here?”
  • A lot of people have 32 teeth, but there are some with 6.
    It is simple meth.
  • He was always sad when he went to the dentist.
    So he put on music and listened to it through his Bluetooth headphones.
  • What’s the name of a boomerang made out of teeth?
    I can’t remember the punchline, but it’s probably going to come back and bite me.
  • What type of teeth can you purchase with a dollar?
    Buck teeth.
  • Why didn’t the yogi want anesthetic when having her tooth extracted?
    She wanted to transcend dental medication.
  • How did the lumberjack lose his tooth?
  • Which letters are bad for teeth?
    D and K.
  • Where did the killer whale go to get his teeth aligned?
    At the orcadontist.
  • A man went to the doctor and said, “I keep seeing a werewolf with big, sharp teeth.”

    The doctor told him, “Have you seen the psychiatrist?”

    The man replies, “No. Only the werewolf.”
  • A little boy was going home on a bus eating his chocolate. He took another one, and then another. A man seated next to him tells him, “Are you aware that too much chocolate is bad for your teeth?”

    The boy said, “My grandfather still had all his teeth at 120 years old.”

    The man asked, “Was he eating chocolate too?”

    The boy looked at him and replied, “No. He always minded his own business.”
  • A man went to the dentist with some broken teeth.

    The dentist asks the man what had happened and he replies, “My wife cooked some roti (Indian flatbread) and chicken, but the bread was too hard and stiff.”

    “You know, you could have just told your wife the bread was too hard and refused to eat it,” says the dentist.

    The man goes, “That is exactly what I did!”
  • While wandering in the desert, a boy stumbled upon a lamp.

    Out of curiosity, he rubbed the lamp and a Genie came out of it.

    Genie: You have freed me from my prison. In return, I will grant you three wishes.
    Boy: Wow! I’ve never had an opportunity like this. I have a question, though: Will my wishes come back and bite me?
    Genie: That will never happen, I promise. If it does, I will grant you infinite wishes.
    Boy: Alright. I wish for a boomerang made out of teeth.
    Genie: You son of a…
  • There’s a colleague who lost all her teeth and doesn’t stop talking.

    I asked her today, “Why are you always talking?”

    She replied, “I find it hard to bite my tongue.”

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