35 Funny Brain Puns & Jokes That Will Make You Think

A brain thinking of brain puns and jokes

Funny brain puns and brain jokes are always a treat. Some can be a bit silly, while others are downright clever!

That’s why we had a great time putting this list together. Give it a read and let us know what you think!

  • How do brains commonly greet each other across the room? With brain waves.
  • What did the scientist say when he lost his train of thought mid-conversation with his peers? “Excuse my brain fart.”
  • Where do scientists like to go to study nature? The Amazon brain-forest!
  • Careful when doing research in the government libraries. You should always take the information with a brain of salt.
  • What do you call a brain-eating honey bee? A Zom-bee!
  • Why does Santa always put sweets under his elves’ pillows? To make sure they always have sweet dreams.
  • What do you call a brain that is twelve inches long? A foot!
  • What did the brain say to the executioner when they were walking past them? “Which way are you headed?”
  • What do the frontal and parietal brain have in common? They lobe you very much!
  • Where do brains get sent to improve their intellect during the summer months? Hippo-campus!
  • Where do writers tend to find their imagination when it wanders off? Somewhere over the brain-bow.
  • What is a sleeping brain’s favorite band? REM!
  • What type of hat do brains like the most? Thinking caps.
  • What do you call a plane full of skydiving librarians? A brain storm!
  • What does a brain use to keep its room tidy? A cere-broom!
  • What is a zombie’s favorite beverage to consume on Halloween? Cereb-rum and coke!
  • What communication network do neurons use to keep in contact? They use the cellular network.
  • Why do brains prefer taking baths over having showers? Because they don’t like to be brainwashed.
  • Why did the patient not remember going through with his brain transplant? Because the doctor changed his mind.
  • What did the brain say to the body when it received a shock from a light switch? Oh synapse!
  • How do brains greet each other from across the street? With a brain wave.
  • What do you call a fish that knows how to do brain surgery? A neurosturgeon!
  • When you read something humorous on the internet, what chemical is released into your brain? Dopameme!
  • Did you hear about the dentist that had his drill slip while working on a patient? He became a brain surgeon.
  • What does a potato think about all the time? Tater thoughts.
  • How are brains always so anxious? Because they are a part of the nervous system.
  • Why are brains so similar to sponges? Because they both absorb a lot.
  • I went to the doctor the other day to find out what is wrong with my brain. He did some tests, took a couple of scans and then came back to the exam room to give me the results.  “OK, here’s the deal. On the left side of the brain, nothing is right. And on the right side of the brain, nothing is left.”
  • I considered taking on a new profession as a mind reader today but wanted a second opinion on the idea. What are your thoughts?
  • What part of the brain continues working even after it is fired? Neurons.
  • Why do pirates never learn the full alphabet? Because their minds always get lost at C!
  • What happens when brains run for a workout? They end up jogging their memory.
  • What happens when a honey bee can’t decide which flower to get its pollen from? It becomes a may-bee!
  • A neuron was acting up in class, so the teacher sent it to the principal’s office. The principal asked the neuron why it was sent to his office, to which the neuron replied, “Apparently the teacher thinks I have a problem controlling my impulses.”
  • The sheriff told me about the strangest encounter he’s ever had when he stopped by the diner today. He was working the night shift last night and a man came into the police station to make a missing persons report.
    “What’s your name son,” asked the sheriff?
    “Shutup,” replied the man with a straight face.
    The sheriff was taken aback by this and asked, “Are you trying to find trouble, sir?”
    “Yes, exactly!”
    “Have you completely lost your mind?”
    “Not at all, he’s outside, but we can’t find trouble.”

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