23 X-Ray Jokes & Puns You Absolutely Need To Scan

A doctor thinking of funny x-ray jokes and puns

X-ray jokes and x-ray puns are timeless. There’s just something funny about getting scanned by a device that can see right through you. It opens up so many humorous possibilities!

We had a lot of fun gathering these funny x-ray jokes and puns, and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy reading them!

  • What do you think will happen to Ray if he changes his name?
    He will become an X-ray.
  • Nothing takes longer than a first year student trying to finish an X-ray
  • Radiologists don’t take selfies. They take skelfies using the X-Ray
  • Husband: Why does it always take so long to get an X-ray in this hospital?
    Wife: Maybe it’s because they always have a skeleton staff working
  • Why are cats better than dogs in radiology? Because dog’s cannot operate an MRI machine but CATSCAN
  • Doctor: I think a marriage between a radiologist and radiographer would be very transparent.
    Nurse: How come?
    Doctor: Since they can see right through each other
    Nurse: (laughing) Well, I don’t think that marriage will last for long
  • Why did the student fail the medical exam after conducting an X-ray on her lower torso. Maybe she didn’t put her heart into it
  • I asked my friend for sunglasses that can see inside someone’s eyes.
    She recommended X-Ray Bans.
  • Me: Superman has X-ray vision in his eyes, right?
    Friend: Yes, of course. It’s one of his abilities.
    Me: Does that mean he can still see when he closes his eyes?
    Friend: (puzzled) Honestly. I don’t know.
  • A patient was waiting for his X-ray results at the emergency room. The doctor came back with the x-ray while his hands were trembling. Scared, the patient asked, “What’s wrong, doctor?
    The doctor replied, “This is what I had feared the most.”
    Still confused, the patient asked, “What do you mean?”
    The doctor whispered, “Skeletons!”
  • Two guys are seated at the bar happily drinking beer.
    Random guy1: Hey. Where do you think superman inherited his X-ray ability?
    Random guy2: Uh, I guess from his parents. Genetics and all that kind of stuff.
    Random guy1: Then, that means he has great parental super vision.
  • I went to get an X-ray at the hospital yesterday. After waiting for quite a while, the doctor came back with my results. He told me, “There’s a saying that my father used to tell me when I was a young kid, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’,”
    he held up my X-ray as he continued, “But this one can only be described using two words, ‘You’re screwed’.”
  • My friend and I were arguing if people with X-ray vision exist. Our argument continued for hours until she told me she could see right through my argument.
    I know. She’s kind of a hypocrite.
  • Patient: Is radiology an easy profession?
    Radiologist: I mean, it’s not always black and white. There’s also a lot of gray area. But overall, it’s a g-ray-t job.
  • I don’t know why my x-ray technician accepted to go on a date with me after constantly saying she does not go out with patients.
    Guess she saw something in me. 
  • A doctor was conducting a presentation to recently hired interns at the hospital.
    Doctor: As you can see, the X-ray shows a broken rib. Anyone know how to go about fixing a broken rib?
    Intern 1: You can use a splint or cast.
    Doctor: Yes. That’s one way. Anyone else?
    Intern 2: Can’t you just fix it with Photoshop.
    Doctor: Get out!
  • Two guys are sitting outside a party sipping their beers while talking about their favorite movies.
    Guy 1: Lois Lane must have breast cancer. Don’t you think?
    Guy 2: Why on earth would you even think of something like that.
    Guy 1: I mean, think about it. She does get X-rayed too many times, obviously.
    Guy 2: Yeah, I think you’ve had enough for today buddy.
  • Earlier, I was in the emergency room waiting for the doctor to come back with my results for a blood test. As I sat there waiting patiently, I overheard two nurses talking about a patient who had just been brought in the ER.

    Apparently, this patient was experiencing severe rectal pain. After conducting an X-ray, they found out that the guy had at least 7 toy horses in his colon. However, the nurses said that his condition was stable.
  • Patient: Any news doctor? I’ve been here for quite some time.
    Doctor: Let me first go and get your X-ray.
    Patient: Wait, what? I don’t think I’ve ever dated someone called Ray.
    Doctor: Okay. Seems I’ll have to schedule a brain scan too.
  • What was the patient told by the dentist to go and take to the X-ray Department?
    Tooth Pics.
  • I wanted to have an X-ray done only on my wrist, but I didn’t want to go to the hospital. Instead, I went to the Airport.
  • A girl calls her boyfriend while at the hospital.
    Boyfriend: Babe, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?
    The girl answers through her tears,
    Girlfriend: I just saw my x-ray.
    Boyfriend: What? I thought I told you to stay away from him.

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