21 Funny Rain Jokes & Puns To Sprinkle On Your Friends

First person perspective of looking out the window while thinking of rain jokes and puns

Funny rain jokes and puns are incredibly useful. Knowing some is probably better than being able to balance a checkbook these days!


Think about it. What do people do when they don’t know what to talk about (but feel obligated to say something)? They talk about the weather.

It’s so boring.

But if you have some handy rain puns or rain jokes handy, you’ll be able to fire back with some comedy gold. You can spare everyone from the pointless small talk!

You’ll be a hero.

Unless you live somewhere super dry, you should be able to break these out a handful of times each year. So when you’re grabbing your rain jacket on your way out the door, don’t forget to bring some of these too!

  • This rain could best be named after chickens and ducks. It is foul weather for sure. 
  • When I was young there was a myth that we were told about rain storms. Lighting bolts go all the way to cloud nine!
  • What do raindrops say in a crowd? Two’s company, three’s a cloud.
  • It’s raining cats and dogs, now there are poodles everywhere.
  • What do clouds wear under their pants? Thunderwear.
  • How do you think cows keep each udder dry? They lie down in the rain of course.
  • What is with this kind of weather? I am nearly certain the bride to be will be quite hoarse after walking through this bridal shower.
  • It was just raining ice cream, but now there are just sprinkles.
  • What did the storm say when it opened up the photo album? Let’s take a trip down memory rain.
  • What goes up while the rain goes down? An umbrella.
  • What does a book wear when the weather is bad? A rain quote.
  • Want to know what the wettest animal on the planet is? A raindeer.
  • Should we bring umbrellas for this weather? Of course, that’s a no-rainer.
  • Yesterday, I said it was raining cats and dogs. I was shocked when I saw a man pull out some ketchup after he heard me say that. I later learned he thought I said it was raining hotdogs!
  • The weather report says to expect lots of rain for the next few weeks. I drought it’s right though.
  • Did you hear the isobar is the perfect place for all meteorologists to stop to get a drink on their way home.
  • What always falls on the ground but never gets injured? Rain.
  • Bees are lucky, they fly right through the rain and already have their yellow jackets on.
  • In bad weather you should always keep the horse reined up, especially if it’s raining down hard. 
  • I have recently learned a little about the weather bureau. It’s an umbrella organization that protects us from all kinds of precipitation. 
  • Fly through a rainbow, and I guarantee you will pass your flight exam with flying colors.

Sprinkle These Into Your Life

We hope you liked these rain jokes and puns, and have a few that you plan on using in the future. They can save you from boring talks about the weather, or cheer up your friends on a dreary day!

There are a million other ones out there, these are just our favorites. If you have a few that you think deserve a spot on our list, send them over and we’ll add them!

If they’re good.