30 Funny Cloud Puns & Jokes That Won’t Go Over Your Head

Floating clouds giving inspiration for cloud puns and jokes

Interestingly enough, cloud puns and cloud jokes are some of our favorites! We didn’t think that would be the case when we started making this list.

After all, what’s so hilarious about clouds?

Well, apparently there’s a lot! This list of funny cloud jokes and puns will show you what we mean. You’ll definitely find some that you want to share with your friends.

  • How can you tell when a cloud is really happy? It opens up.
  • The cloud joke I added to my standup routine was a total bust. It just went over the crowd’s heads.
  • Why couldn’t the farmer save the cow that floated into the clouds? The steaks were just too high.
  • What do you call an exploding cloud? A cloudburster!
  • What is the best way to deal with water storage problems? Put it in cloud storage.
  • This year’s storm concert was the best one yet. All the clouds that attended gave the closing song a thunderous applause!
  • Why do all the other scientists take such issues with atmospheric researchers? Because their minds are always in the clouds.
  • In a pilot survey regarding the least favorite flight paths, the Silver Sea won with a staggering ninety percent of the votes. I guess every cloud there having a silver lining made it hard to see where they were going.
  • No one in the kingdom expected what happened once the cloud became king. His rain lasted for many years!
  • How do clouds get rid of an itch? They look for their favorite skyscraper.
  • Why doesn’t the sun like the clouds? Because they are always casting shade on its rays.
  • My wife and her sister got into an argument about the clouds during the storm that rolled through town this afternoon but I didn’t have the foggiest idea what they were on about. I think I mist the point.
  • Apparently, a bunch of clouds stormed the city earlier, causing a riot. Everything turned out ok though. The authorities were called in for cloud control.
  • What is the main cause of storm addiction for clouds? Atmospheric pressure.
  • What do you call a sad cloud on vacation over the ocean? Tropical Depression.
  • Why is it so hard to catch a cloud with a net? Because all that stays in the net is mist.
  • How do clouds like to listen to their music? With a cloudspeaker!
  • What do you call a cloud that talks too much? A cloudmouth!
  • Why did everyone stop connecting their phones to the cloud? Because they were constantly getting mist messages.
  • How does the cloud bring an argument to a close? It brings it to a thundering conclusion.
  • “That cloud thinks it is so cool,” I said to my friend, pointing at the smoke cloud posed above the fire, “doesn’t it know it’s just smog?”
  • Where does a cloud keep its money? At the fog bank!
  • Why are storm clouds trained at the same facility as storm troopers? Because they mist their shots in the screen test.
  • Two clouds were having a conversation about the upcoming storm.
    “I don’t think we have enough water stored up for a rainstorm,” said the first cloud.
    “Never fear,” replied the second cloud, “we can make dew!”
  • I’ve been working on this aerial storage system for water with no luck. I thought I’d do a search for an answer to my problem online, but I can’t seem to find a proper cloud-based solution.
  • I couldn’t decide which costume to go with for the Halloween party at the office this year, so I defaulted to the cloud outfit I had from the year before. When I showed my wife, she looked at me in shock and said “ You can’t be cirrus!”
  • Where does a cloud go when it needs to use the toilet? Wherever it wants.
  • The cloud tried to cross the border but was turned back. When his friend asked why, he said it was because of his for-rain status.
  • I couldn’t help noticing that all the little clouds at the atmospheric convention looked up to the largest cloud there. When I asked one of them why, it told me it was because the largest cloud was the raining champion.
  • A coffee cup and a cloud entered the boxy ring. They danced around each other, preparing for the match. The coffee cup looked at the cloud and said “are you ready to get steamed?”

Sprinkle These Around!

Hopefully you agree with us when we talk about how great these funny cloud puns and cloud jokes are. And even better, clouds are everywhere! That means you’ll always have a great opportunity to bring these us without forcing it (being able to organically share a good pun is the best).

Let us know if you know of any other good cloud jokes or puns that deserve a spot on the list above. We’ll gladly add any that we like!