13 Funny Island Jokes & Puns You Haven’t Heard Before

An island where people are telling island jokes and puns

Island jokes and island puns have been around for a while. There’s something about the imaginary setting of being trapped on a desert island that’s the perfect scenario for humor.

Take a look at all of these island jokes and puns and pick out your favorites. We think you’re gonna like them!

  • I would hold the record for long distance swimming if I were stranded on an island.
  • Guess what red paint makes you on an island? Marooned!
  • Never again will I take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a beautiful paradise island. 
  • My friend got their dream job, all they have to do is take a nap on a desert island. 
  • My father once visited the virgin islands, which are now simply known as the islands.
  • Boats shouldn’t hit islands because it takes a toll on them. 
  • Adam is marooned on an island. When Adam encounters a local tribe of cannibals and their leader seated on a throne, he begins his hopeless wandering and hides behind the bushes.
    “I’m dead, here is my ending.” Adam says.
    A figure of a man then appears out of nowhere and says, “Nonsense.” He instructs Adam to pick up a stone and states he has to be the one to throw the stone at the leader.
    Adam throws the stone as hard as he could and it smacks the leader in the forehead. Adam turns to the figure and says, “What is happening now?” The figure of a man says, “Ah see, now you are dead.” 
  • A husband and wife take a vacation on an island. Upon arrival, they hear the sound of drums. They ask their driver what that sound is and he stated the drums don’t stop on the island and they never can. Once they get to their resort, their maid lets them know the drums can never stop when the husband asks her about it because he was curious. The couple gets settled and goes to lay down for the night. Well, the drums don’t stop. The exhausted wife goes down to the reception area and asks for the noise to die down. The receptionist states the drums can never stop. The frustrated wife asks “why the heck not?” The receptionist says, “If the drums stop, the bass solo starts.”
  • Three men were marooned on an island. A wizard found them and each granted one wish via magic. “I wish to go back home,” the first man stated. The second man expressed the same sentiment, and the third man added, “I wish to have my friends back, because I am alone.”
  • Who do you think would survive if Biden and Trump were trapped on a desert island? The answer is the United States. 
  • Three women were stranded on an island. The nearest island with people living on it was only 100 meters away. Each of them attempted to swim to the island, but the first woman drowned after swimming 20 meters, the second woman after swimming 30 meters, and the third woman after swimming 50 meters until she became exhausted and swam back. 
  • A young boy longs to live on a paradise island, but he doesn’t have any money. He asked his neighbor for help getting to the islands. “Well, these woods here have magical pixies that have a special magic dust,” his neighbor stated. “You could simply fly to the islands if you get it! The only problem I see is you will have to steal it.” In disbelief, the youngster nods his head. “So, I guess you can hire a boat or catch a fairy,” says the neighbor.
  • A tribal community on an island in the deep pacific ocean gets their money by trading beans with other tribes. The tribal leader checks all of the gold they have made by trade and decides that he has to show off his wealth. The leader of the tribe consults his head chief and decides on a stone throne, but his homemade grass hut is just simply not big enough. The tribal leader brings in his best developers to create a pulley system, so they can interstage the new throne and his sleeping quarters. Unfortunately, at night while asleep, the leader was crushed by the throne when the pulley system broke. To warn the tribe, the tribe’s seniors stated “Don’t throw stones if you reside in a homemade grass hut”.

Time To Start Telling These To Others!

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