29 Funny Fern Puns & Jokes That Will Grow On You

A fern plant that serves as inspiration for fern puns and jokes

Fern puns and fern jokes might seem like an odd choice, but they’re surprisingly funny! Sometimes it’s the most random topics that end up being the best!

Give this list of fern puns and jokes a list and see if you agree. We think you will.

  • How does a florist compliment their plants? They tell them how fern-tastic they are.
  • How do plants go about starting a business? They apply for the proper fern-ding.
  • What do you call an accident between two ferns? A fern-der bender!
  • What do you call a yard that is bordered with ferns on all sides? Fern-ced in!
  • How does a fern tree access the world wide web? Easy, it logs in.
  • Where do ferns go to relax and save energy? The for-rest!
  • Why are plant comedians so sought after? Because they are so ferny!
  • What did the referee say when his friend asked if the upcoming battle royal for house plants was really happening? “Oh it’s going down fern real my friend!”
  • Why did the florist wear a hat with ferns on it to the dinner party at her friend’s house? Because she was feeling fern-cy!
  • What made the fern tree so stumped about the condition of the soil in the forest? They couldn’t get to the root of the problem.
  • Why was the fern tree struggling so hard to get back into shape? Because it just couldn’t commit to a proper root-ine!
  • How does a fern tree get lost in the woods? It takes a wrong root!
  • What do you call it when a plant adds you to their contacts list on social media? A fern request!
  • What do you call house decor made of nothing but plants? Fern-iture.
  • What tool can you use to call for aid if you get stuck in the woods and can’t find your way out? A mobile fern!
  • My neighbor is so obsessed with ferns that she has them in every room of her house. I guess you could say her place is fully fern-ished!
  • What do you call a fern tree that manages a bank? The branch manager.
  • What do you call a spaceship made of ferns? A real fern-tasy!
  • This is a frondly reminder to take care of your Christmas Ferns this holiday season.
  • What is the name of the fern’s favorite ice cream? Fern-illa!
  • What household plant makes great furniture? A Fern!
  • How do ferns keep in touch regularly when they are so far apart? With cell-ferns!
  • A friend of mine recently got a hair transplant derived from ferns but he claims that the ferns identify as ficus.
  • The cat really loved the new house plant my wife picked up for the corner by the picture window. They became the very best of ferns right away.
  • What did the maidenhair fern say to the holly fern when they were planted next to each other in the flower bed? We are going to be the best of ferns!
  • I was working on a new comedy bit today and was having a real hard time coming up with new content. My wife came into the office and handed me a fern in a small pot. I asked her what it was for, to which she replied, “It’s fern-iture for your office to help you come up with some good jokes.”
  • What did the florist say to the man who bought all of her remaining shrubs and leafy plants to decorate his home and yard with? “Careful you don’t fern a hole in your pocket with all these!”
  • I went to the store with my friends the other day for some new decor and ended up struggling to decide between a fancy saltwater aquarium and a whole bunch of tropical houseplants. In the end, and with a little wisdom from my friends, I decided to go with a gorgeous fern.
    When I got home and showed the fern to my fiance, she was so impressed with my choice. I told her “With fronds like these, who needs anemones?”
  • While at the grocery store, I remembered I was supposed to pick up a gift for my mom for her birthday. Being a green thumb myself, I remembered that she really wanted a new fern. In haste, I stood up on the register and shouted out to all that could hear me: “Does anybody here know where I could find a fern to purchase? Asking for a frond!”

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