45 Funny Nose Jokes & Puns That Will Make You Snort

A funny looking nose

Funny nose jokes and nose puns never get old. There’s nothing like a good one-liner on this topic to make you laugh until it hurts!

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  • How did he stop the skunk from smelling?
    Held his nose.
  • My friend was baptized by a vicar wearing a false nose and mustache.
    I consider it a blessing in disguise.
  • Which sailors blew their noses most often?
    The Anchor Chiefs.
  • My friend has undergone so many surgeries that she picks her nose from a catalog.
  • Why did Pinocchio’s nose grow every time he slept?
    Because he was lying all the time.
  • I thought his nose jokes stink, but his eye jokes were even cornea.
  • I enrolled in a nose-whipping competition but was disqualified.
    I definitely blew it.
  • I asked my friend if he ever thought about how a nose smells.
    He told me that it doesn’t.
  • Why can’t a nose be 12-inches long?
    Because it would be a foot.
  • My friend was accused of lying about how much snot came out of his nose when he sneezed.
    He was blowing it out of proportion.
  • I don’t really know the name of the person who doesn’t have a nose or body.
    I guess nobody nose his name.
  • I went out with some of my friends and one of them had a runny nose.
    I know it sounds funny, but it’s snot.
  • The pair of eyes were having a chat.
    One eye tells the other, “There is something that smells between me and you.”
  • We went to visit the meadow where we used to play when we were kids.
    The scents all over were familiar. It was very nose-talgic.
  • She bought a gold-scented candle and burned it.
    It had a very rich aroma.
  • What do people do when they walk past snobby vegetables in the market?
    Turnip their noses.
  • The prayerful nose always knew that an angel was watching over him.
    The angel was heaven-scent.
  • I complimented my dad that he smells good the other day.
    He replied, “Maybe it’s because I use both my nostrils.”
  • The manager introduced a new fragrance at work.
    Every employee has to follow it or be scent home.
  • What’s the name of the person who doesn’t know much and also has no nose?
  • I don’t know why many people pick their noses.
    I’ve always preferred the one nose that I was born with.
  • My friend was sick and had a runny nose that he could not fix.
    I told him, “Break its legs.”
  • What was the name of the gang that only targeted people with runny noses?
    Aller G’s.
  • He accidentally sprayed some deodorant in his mouth yesterday.
    Every time he talked, there was a weird axe-scent coming out.
  • My colleague decided to make a witty perfume.
    I told her the most important component is the scents of humor.
  • There was a suspicious person with a peg nose that we saw the other day.
    We called him a suspeg.
  • My dad got the flu. He said it was like his nose went on strike.
    I told him, “You should picket.”
  • The nose was sad at the football practice.
    Maybe it’s because it wasn’t picked.
  • I dislike people who refuse to cover their noses and mouths when sneezing.
    They make me sick.
  • There was a serial killer without a nose that was caught the other day.
    He had committed scentless acts of violence.
  • My brother told me if I ate in the car and he smelled something rotten later, I would have to give him $30 of my $150 monthly allowance.
    He got his 20 per-scent.
  • Why was the nose tired?
    Because it kept running.
  • He noticed a terrible smell in his house which smelled familiar.
    Then he reek-ognized it.
  • The pig could never mind its own business.
    It was known as the nosey porker.
  • I was ill and told my dad I had a runny nose.
    He told me, “Tell it to walk instead.”
  • My nephew’s doll had a broken nose. He was searching for new noses to put on.
    I told him that noses are made at the ol-factory.
  • Which punctuation smells best?
  • How do you make a Wookie smell good?
    You give him a De-Yoda-rant.
  • After staying away for so long, the nose decided to visit her hometown.
    She was overcome with nostril-gia.
  • What was the name of the hippo with a sinus infection?
  • There is a new horror movie that has a man who possesses people by sneezing.
    It is based on achoo story.
  • Why is the nose located in the middle of our face?
    Because that’s the scenter.
  • The T-Rex fell and broke its nose.
    The doctor said it needed a dinoplasty.
  • Our friend can smell whenever there is trouble nearby.
    We call him scenter of a tension.

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