27 Funny Soap Puns & Jokes To Slip Into Conversations

Soap puns and jokes

As you’d probably expect, there are a bunch of funny soap puns and soap jokes out there. And that actually made it hard for us to pick the best ones!

This list was a lot of fun to put together, and we’ve been sharing these with everyone we can. There’s always a good opportunity to tell these to your friends.

  • I saw a small bowl below the hand soap dispenser filled with soap and thought to myself “This is the strangest dish soap I’ve ever seen.”
  • How can you tell you have a good soap pun on your hands? It easily slips through your fingers when you try to recall it.
  • I was having a shower the other day and everything was fine until I got the new shampoo I was using in my eyes. Suddenly, the whole house was in the midst of a soap opera.
  • Why didn’t the police catch the thief that hit the soap store in the mall the other day? Because the suspect had already made a clean getaway by the time the police arrived.
  • What is considered to be the cleanest form of musical entertainment that you can attend as a live show? A soap opera.
  • I was puzzled by the soap disappearing from the bathtub three times in a single week, so I set up a security camera outside the door to catch the culprit. I caught that robber ducky red-handed!
  • Why was the soap so depressed? Because it had a case of the big sud.
  • The store where my wife goes to get all of her fancy soap and body washes decided to try a new line of soaps to appeal to the save the oceans audience. It was a good idea, but I think it missed the mark in naming. They called it ‘All Porpoise Cleaner.’
  • What is the difference between dirty DNA and clean DNA? Hygiene!
  • When a bull fighter finishes up their show for the day, what soap do they rely on to get clean? Olay!
  • I went to have a shower earlier today after a long workout and couldn’t find soap anywhere in the bathroom. I’m still pretty salty from the whole situation.
  • What do you call a parcel that comes in the mail containing different soaps from all over the world? A giant pack of lyes!
  • With the current state of farming and trying to make a living, I’ve decided to diversify my business into making soap on the side. I came up with the perfect name for a farm-fresh soap too. I call it Hogwash!
  • What do you call someone who claims to work in a factory where their job is to add a single, yet critical ingredient during the process of making soap? A lye-er!
  • The name ‘Head & Shoulders’ just seems strange when people with really long hair use it. A more accurate name would be Knees & Toes I think.
  • What do astronomers look for in a hair shampoo? Beef infusion for meatier showers!
  • What kind of soap does the invisible man prefer to use? Clean & Clear!
  • If a showerhead could talk, what would it say to the conditioner? ‘Get outta hair already, would ya?’
  • Why is it so ridiculous to have an argument about whether soap bars or gel soap is better to use? Because it’s a slippery soap either way.
  • What do you call it when someone only uses shampoo in their hair? Unconditional self-love!
  • Why should you always avoid smelling your hands when leaving a public washroom, regardless of how nice the soap smells? Because anyone seeing you smelling your hands after coming out of the bathroom won’t be thinking you are smelling your hands for a soap scent.
  • I was having a conversation with a man at the pub the other day who was well mannered, but clearly had poor hygiene and a definite love for word play. I told him as much and he asked “Do you know what you call that?” to which I replied “No, what?” “PunGent!”
  • Why was the door to door salesman arrested for selling organic soap with exotic ingredients like endangered rainforest animal droppings? Because he was selling a bunch of scampoos!
  • It was my turn to clean up after the family breakfast today, but I couldn’t find dish soap anywhere. I became more and more frustrated in my search before it Dawn-ed on me that the new bottle could be found under the sink.
  • I’ve tried a dozen different specialty shampoos and conditioners that all claim they will help eliminate dandruff, but none of them seem to work. I would love to solve the problem, but it’s a total head scratcher!
  • You might be a nerd if, when you are taking a shower and you realize you have run out of shampoo, you grab your bottle of body wash and proceed to voice-act a scene from Star Wars and say “Help me body wash, you’re my only soap!”

What Do You Think?

Hopefully you liked these funny soap puns and soap jokes as much as we did. The great thing about these is there’s always a situation where you can bring them up (unless you hang out with unhygienic people).

If you know any other good ones that we might want to hear, don’t hesitate to send them our way!