52 Funny Gnome Puns & Jokes You’ll Never See Coming

Two gnomes that you can look at for gnome pun and joke inspiration

We were pretty shocked to find out just how many funny gnome puns and jokes exist. Apparently this is something that people want!

Our work on this site never ceases to amaze us.

But when we started looking into them, we instantly understood the appeal. Gnomes are actually quite funny! We’re still unsure why people insist on putting them on their lawns, but we don’t need to get into that right now.

The word “gnome” is actually quite versatile when it comes to structuring puns. The number of words you can substitute it with is quite high.

That means the next time you see one of those silly little things in someone’s yard, you’ll have a good gnome pun to say!

1. What is a gnome’s favorite baseball movie? A league of their gnome. 

2. What do gnome cowboys sing? Gnome on the range.

3. Which Simpson character do gnomes love the most? Gnomer Simpson.

4. What do people chant at the gnome president’s rally? Go big or gnome home. 

5. What did the trumpet player say when he caught another using his instrument? Blow your gnome trumpet. 

6. Why do gnomes love singer Bobby McFerrin? Because he sang gnome worry, be happy. 

7. What’s the most common phrase used by teachers in a gnome school? It’s a little gnome fact. 

8. Why were the hun gnomes so ruthless? They showed their enemy gnome mercy. 

9. Who’s the most favorite gnome philosopher? Gnome Chompsky. 

10. Why do gnomes often like to go shopping? Because some of the stores offer gnome money down deals. 

11. Why were the gnomes ticketed by the park ranger? He warned then this is not a gnome-naked beach. 

12. What is a gnome’s favorite Shakespear play? Gnomeo and Juliet.

13. Why do gnomes love surfing on the internet? They get a thrill out of landing on the gnome pages. 

14. Why are so many gnomes successful? Good things come to gnomes who wait. 

15. What did the adult human say to his friend when he introduced him to his pal gnome? Say hello to my little friend. 

16. What do you call teenage gnomes who hang with their friends? Hanging with their gnomies.

17. What did the teacher say to the naughty gnome? Oh gnome you didn’t. 

18. When in gnomes, do as the gnomans do. 

19. What do you call a down-and-out gnome? Gnomeless. 

20. What do you call a football stadium for gnomes? The astro-gnome. 

21. What do you call a gnome who’s been burglarized? A gnome invasion. 

22. What do gnomes complain about their always hungry teenagers? You’re eating me out of a house and gnome. 

23. What is a popular television show for gnomes? Gnomer Pyle, USMC. 

24. What did the gnome say to the traffic cop who pulled him over? Do you gnome who I am? 

25. Why are gnomes great at acting? There is gnomes business like show business. 

26. Which summer camps are best chosen by gnomes? Those that let you choose your gnome adventure. 

27. What kind of homes do many gnomes live in? Geodisdic gnomes. 

28. Why are gnomes often indecisive? They can’t decide between yes, gnome, and maybe. 

29. Why are so many gnome’s poor musicians? Many of them have no rhyme or gnome reason. 

30. What did the witness say at the gnome trial? In my gnome words here’s what happened. 

31. How do many desperate gnomes raise funds? They start a gnome fund me campaign. 

32. Where do gnomes buy most of their appliances? At Gnome Depot. 

33. Why are there so few gnome airline pilots? They can’t meet the height requirements. 

34. What’s the number one rated movie for gnomes? Gnome Alone. 

35. Who is a gnome’s favorite detective? Sherlock Gnomes. 

36. What is the favorite ride for gnomes at Disneyland? It’s a small, small world. 

37. Where are many of the elderly gnomes housed? A nursing gnome. 

38. Why do gnomes often go to banks? To take out a gnome equity loan.

39. What line in an alien movie do gnomes love the most? “ET phone gnome.” 

40. Why are gnomes such good baseball players? Because they hit a lot of gnome runs. 

41. What did the gnomes best friend say when people complained about his friend? He’s great once you get to gnome him. 

42. Why do the police often ignore the testimony of gnomes? They don’t trust gnome one. 

43. What do gnome mothers often say to their naughty children? Wait till your father gets gnome. 

44. What did the father say to his gnome son when he began to cry? Big gnomes don’t cry. 

45. How do gnomes greet one another at their yoga class? They bow and say gnome-astay. 

46. Why do college student gnomes love Christmas? They get to gnome for the holidays. 

47. How do gnomes often express regret? By saying I wish I’d gnome along. 

48. What’s the number one song on the gnome’s country-western chart? Country roads take me gnome. 

49. Why are there so few famous gnome playwrights? Many of them are ungnome. 

50. What are gnome’s favorite historical societies? The Gno-man empire. 

51. Why don’t gnomes like to live alone? Because gnome man is an island. 

52. Why are so many gnomes happy regardless of today’s news? Gnome news is good news. 

What Do You Think?

As you can see, these gnome puns and gnome jokes are rather funny (and versatile). You can use this as a replacement for “home” or “no” quite easily, but there are a bunch of other possibilities.

Gnomes have always been a popular part of modern culture. Whether it be in movies or just lawn decoration, these little guys aren’t going anywhere!

If you think of any other good gnome puns or jokes you’d like us to put on this list, send them to us! We’ll add them as soon as we can.