49 Funny Birthday Puns & Jokes That Beat Any Present

Girl blowing out candles after being told birthday puns and jokes

The list of birthday puns and birthday jokes is a long one. After all, people have been having birthdays (and getting teased for aging) forever!

So if you’re looking for a way to mess with the birthday boy/girl, having some puns handy will go a long way. After all, why give an actual gift when you can give the gift of humor?

These birthday jokes and puns were quite fun to put together, and we’ll be saving a few for the next party we’re forced to attend. You should do the same.

1. What’s the most popular birthday gift for hunters? A birthday pheasant. 

2. What is the stalest tasting birthday cake? Marble cake because it’s hard as a rock. 

3. What is the funniest ice cream to top birthday cake? Gelato is a whole lot of fun. 

4. What kind of music do birthday balloons hate? Pop music. 

5. What’s the most common birthday cake in hell? Devil’s Food cake. 

6. How do you know when you’ve had too many birthdays? When the candles set off your smoke alarm. 

7. Why do kids insist on bigger birthday candles? So they can make a bigger wish. 

8. Why do people with Alzheimer’s have such a great time on their birthday? Every birthday is a surprise. 

9. Why should you never put a birthday cake under a tree? You may get a Sappy birthday. 

10. What do sheep sing in birthday greetings to female sheep? Happy birthday to ewe. 

11. Why do cats love their birthday the most? They are purrty animals. 

12. What did the elderly girlfriend say to her elderly boyfriend on his birthday? Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional. 

13. What do steaks say in the fridge on their birthday? You’re not getting old, you are just aged to perfection. 

14. What’s the most popular vegetable to celebrate birthdays? Pickles relish them. 

15. Why do turtles love birthdays? They love to shell-a-brate. 

16. Why are elephant birthdays so expensive? They want a trunkload of gifts. 

17. There’s a new ground-breaking study on birthdays? Experts have discovered those who have the most birthdays tend to live the longest. 

18. Why don’t teddy bears normally eat birthday cake? Because they are already stuffed. 

19. Why do peas get multiple birthdays? They love singing ha-pea birthday. 

20. Why are birthday cakes much like golf balls? Because with both you tend to slice them. 

21. What did Clint Eastwood say on his birthday? Go ahead…cake my day. 

22. Which birthday cake burns shorter, a red, a green, or a pink one? Neither. They all burn shorter. 

23. What do the children of a vintner get taught on their birthday? It’s nothing to whine about. 

24. What’s the most popular nickname for geriatrics with a lot of birthdays? Classic. 

25. What kind of cake do ghosts choose for their birthday? I-scream cake. 

26. What do you do if you can’t decide what to buy a cat on his birthday? Let him choose from a catalog. 

27. What do tap dancers say to their friends on their birthday? Tappy birthday. 

28. Why do your relatives sometimes forget your birthday? Because to some, birthdays are a relative thing. 

29. Which fruit gets to make the birthday toast? The raisons. 

30. How do most men remember their wife’s birthday? They forget it once. 

31. Why are so many birthday gifts from cheese in bad taste? They are naturally cheesy. 

32. What did the tea say to his friend on his birthday? Happy best-tea. 

33. What’s the number one reason we put candles on your birthday cake? It’s hard to put them on the bottom. 

34. How do you know when you’ve had too many birthdays? When the candles won’t fit on the cake. 

35. Why is butter always late with the birthday gifts? Don’t complain. Butter late than never. 

36. Do bakers celebrate their birthdays? You batter believe it. 

37. What cake do midgets eat the most on their birthday? Short cake. 

38. Why not to use firecrackers on your birthday cake? Because they tend to have a short fuse. 

39. What’s the most popular birthday gift fabric? Most want their presents to be felt. 

40. What do they call a birthday cake sale at a bakery? A blow-out. 

41. What do people give their elderly friends on their birthday? They take them shopping through their own closets. 

42. How do angels in heaven celebrate birthdays? With Angel Food Cake. 

43. Why are racoon birthdays so much fun? Almost everybody gets trashed. 

44. What did the doctor say to the birthday boy when he complained of heartburn? Next time try taking the candles off. 

45. Why do owls rarely celebrate birthdays? They don’t give a hoot. 

46. Why do so many old people get traffic tickets on their birthday? Once you are over the hill you tend to pick up speed. 

47. What do crocodiles sing on another’s birthday? Snappy birthday. 

48. Why did the poet write a sonnet to himself on his birthday? He wanted to have his cake and read it too.

49. Why do 21-year-olds relish their birthday? Because it’s beer day. 

What Did You Think?

It doesn’t matter if you’re at an adult party or with a bunch of kids, knowing some funny birthday jokes and birthday puns will make you a hit. Not only will you be able to spread some joy and laughter throughout the day, but you’ll also be able to entertain yourself (which can be tough to do at these things).

If you have some good birthday puns and jokes that you’d like us to add to the list simply head over to our contact page and send them to us. If we like them too, we’ll include them as soon as we can.