74 Funny Corn Puns & Jokes That Will Make You Shuckle

Corn shucked in a funny way

Funny corn puns and jokes are plentiful. There’s something about this vegetable that can bring a smile to your face!

But it was actually a lot of work to find and pick our favorites. With so many to choose from, we had to leave a few out.

It was very enjoyable to pull all of these corn puns and corn jokes together. It’s been a lot of fun sharing these with our friends and family, and we think you’ll like doing the same.

Let’s jump right into it! Trust us, you’ll be a-maized…

1. I hope you don’t find my popcorn puns too corny.

2. You may find a corned toad living in a cornfield.

3. A graduation ceremony was held to corn-gratulate the corn.

4. I bet farmers don’t get shucked at naked corn cobs as we were.

5. Playing hide-and-seek in a cornfield is an a-maizing experience.

6. The cornfield said the coming rain was music to the ears.

7. The Corn CHiPs vegetable police squad rode motorcycles.

8. A unicorn is a single, solitary kernel of corn.

9. An international farmers’ corn-ference will be held next week in London to look into worldwide corn trade policies.

10. Are all conservative growers and farmers republic-corn supporters?

11. We made some corned beef by crossing a cow with a corn cob.

12. We had trouble finding the lost corn cob in the giant maze.

13. My friend told me how to grow corn in my backyard with an app made in Sili-corn valley.

14. Our family’s stalk investment in a corn farm turned out lucrative.

15. Corn-ering the market is a clever strategy for any corn farmer with a knack for success.

16. Mama corn didn’t think baby corn was fat, but just a little husky.

17. The corn college prides itself in its a-corn students.

18. The corn stalks would celebrate their favorite scarecrow for being outstanding in his field.

19. My corn salesman brother warns that his files are corn-fidential.

20. The corn was in the can and couldn’t answer the door.

21. My pop was worried that the corn cobs were a little husky.

22. Lake Earie sounds perfect for a corn vacation.

23. The cornflakes remained so cereals and didn’t like the egg’s corn puns.

24. If you ever need to talk, remember that corn is all ears.

25. The corn stalk ran out of oil and came to a stop. 

26. The corn stalk moved to a different field after harvest.

27. The corn stalks are afraid of how my pop cracks corn.

28. Your ears will pop if you take corn on an airplane.

29. All the farm secrets are exposed to the potatoes with eyes, the corn with ears, and the beans stalks.

30. Lake Eerie is haunted by ghost corn.

31. You should have seen how frightened the screamed corn looked!

32. Moldy corn flakes and Charles Manson have one thing in common: they are cereal killers.

33. A few friends held a cornball in a cornfield.

34. A state fair corn-ival will be held in Iowa this year.

35. Baby corn called his dad popcorn.

36. Ours is a family of corn-loving corn-ivores, although we eat meat every once in a while.

37. Your corn car will require some corn oil.

38. You will need more corn-centration for that shucking.

39. Our football team got creamed in the cornfield.

40. Sweet words to a corn ear did not make my corn sweeter.

41. Mother told me about corned beef, the cow who tripped but made it out of the cornfield.

42. When I was on cornantine, I self-rationed to one corn bowl a day.

43. We came upon a field of corn full of ears that could not hear.

44. I maize as well eat corn from the stalk or when it’s fallen.

45. The baby corn looked up to his popcorn.

46. Don’t you find Halloween corn eerie?

47. “It shucks!” The little boy cried to his mother, “Corn for dinner again!”

48. The corn stalker deserved to be put in jail.

49. Corncobs are great stalkers and could make the best hunters.

50. Here, a buccaneer for your pirate corn!

51. You can eat all the candy corn you want but may never grow any.

52. For this year’s Valentine’s day, the farmer got corn rows for his wife.

53. You can enjoy the husky corn on the sled.

54. Did you know that corn is the only nut vegetable?

55. Some people find corn jokes difficult to digest.

56. Before he spilled the beans, he warned that the walls of a corn maze have ears.

57. The corn looked so upset with his cob on.

58. My sister printed stalks of corn all over her crop top.

59. What did the rebellious teenage corn do after school? Get her ear pierced.

60. My neighbor’s husky dog loves to strip corn ears.

61. The arrested corns will spend another night in the cops’ custody for suspicion of stalking.

62. The carrot, cucumber, and corn that fell into the ocean became C foods.

63. I don’t know many baseball players or their interests, but Ty Cobb must love corn.

64. The lonely baby corn asked its mom corn where popcorn was.

65. Nobody could laugh at the corny jokes made by the farmers.

66. You will need plenty of corn-centration to learn a new language.

67. The police department cornered a wanted criminal in a cornfield.

68. We can do a little butter than plain popcorn.

69. My little brother got corn-stipated after swallowing a corn cob.

70. The left and right corn ears watch each other’s backs for stalkers.

71. This corn maze is quite earie, I cannot help but feel stalked.

72. I asked around if someone dropped some corn in the street, but it all fell on deaf ears.

73. The corn cops should do something about the stalk complaints from the local people.

74. You are a-maize-ing if you like corn cobs in bed.

What Are Your Favorites?

If you’re anything like us, you probably got a few good laughs from this list of funny corn puns and corn jokes. This vegetable has always made us chuckle over the years, so it was a lot of fun for us to put these together.

If you know of any other good corn jokes or corn puns that you think we should add, send them over! We can’t promise we’ll include them, but we’ll definitely take a look!