39 Funny Ham Puns & Jokes For You To Snack On

Delicious ham on a table where people are sharing puns and jokes about it

Funny ham puns and ham jokes have a special place in our hearts. They’re entertaining, silly, and never get old!

Because of that, we had a great time putting this list together. Give these a read and let us know what you think.

  • What city do the superhero pigs like to hang out in? Got-ham City!
  • What comes from the nose of pigs? Ham boogers.
  • What do you call an upset arctic pig? A ham brr grr.
  • What did the pig say in his controversial speech to the public? Accept it, I ham what I ham!
  • How do pig couples show affection when walking around town? They hold hams.
  • What tool do construction swine use to build their homes with? A sledge ham-mer.
  • Where do most of the famous pigs come from? Ham-burg.
  • What is the favorite holiday destination for pigs? The Hamptons!
  • What do pigs use to contact their friends while driving delivery trucks? A ham radio!
  • What is the name of the condition for someone who constantly feels a little bit like a swine? Ham-ish!
  • What do you call it when you can’t remember where you stored your bacon? Hamnesia!
  • What do pigs use to tie things together? A Hamstring!
  • What shopping network do pigs use to get the best deals? Hamazon!
  • What is different about a hot sweet potato and flying pigs? The first is a heated yam and the second is just a yeeted ham.
  • Why are pigs not allowed to play tug of war with their friends? Because they usually end up as pulled pork.
  • What do you call a pig that does not boast about all of his exploits? Hamble.
  • What social media network do all the pigs use to keep in touch from farm to farm? Instaham!
  • What do you call a supermarket that refuses to put pork products on sale? No pig deal.
  • What do you call a pig doing martial arts? A pork chop!
  • What did the referee say to the pig that kept ending up in the penalty box during the hockey game? “Why are you swine always bacon all the rules?”
  • Who is the smartest hog in all the world? That would be Mr Ein-swine!
  • Why are analogies so similar to ham sandwiches? Because they are so easy to make, like this one right now.
  • What do you call a small settlement filled with nothing but pigs? A hamlet!
  • What do you get when you cover a shrub in bacon? A hambush!
  • When the pig won the beauty contest, he was presented with a trophy. Can you guess what the presenter said? That sure is one ham-some pig!
  • I was excited to greet the day today, but after my coffee and bacon, I just don’t have the same hambition that I did when I first woke up.
  • Why are pigs such good writers? Because they are hambidextrous!
  • What self-defense course are pigs taught in the military? Ham to ham combat.
  • If a pig runs into a chicken on the farm, what do you call it? A ham and egger!
  • Where do prehistoric pigs hang out? At the Jurassic Pork.
  • I helped a pig get over its illness this week. It felt so good to make cured ham.
  • Pigs have multiple names for hand cleaner, but my two favorites are ham sanitizer and hogwash.
  • Why shouldn’t you ever open any email containing the words ground pork or processed ham in the title? Because they are spam emails.
  • The deli I go to for lunch every day was fresh out of white and whole wheat bread for my usual ham sandwich today. My whole lunch went a-rye.
  • What did the police say to the thief at the butcher shop when they surrounded the place? Come out with your hams up!
  • When the older pigs grow out of their clothes and give them to the little pigs, they refer to it as ham me downs.
  • My cousin was in the Hogs of War battalion during the great bacon war and suffered a nasty wound that took his arm. He’s now the public speaker for the Hamputee’s Awareness Organization.
  • I was reading through the breakfast menu at the diner this morning when I came across a little quote under the bacon and eggs listing that was crossed out that said “Why don’t we serve ham and eggs? Because it is a day’s work for the chickens and a lifetime of commitment for the pigs.”

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